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  1. **Attention glock armorers** Zev trigger installation

    My Zev Tech Fulcrum trigger pack showed up today and I sank a reasonable amount of time into dropping it into my 19 with no real progress. i can't get my trigger to reset all the way up and allow the trigger safety to reset as well. The only way to get a full reset is by forcing the trigger...
  2. WASR-10 Questions

    Im finally crossing over into AK land after years of feeling like i wasnt missing out on anything, and now i must have one. Is a WASR a good choice, its going to get a Krink conversion down road, even though 7.62 Krink kits are more rare. Im all set with the 5.45 round, it doesnt do anything for...
  3. Cutting threaded barrels

    Id love to get a break on my .300wm. Anyone know a great source to get my barrel lathed and cut? Thank you!
  4. Real Gunfighter Lance Thomas on Justice Files

    Not sure if this has been posted before. He certainly didnt walk away after the first time.
  5. M1 Garands

    I was wondering if anyone had seen any at shops new lately. Ive been looking around i know i can find one online in a second but id love to go pick one up somewhere new.
  6. Precision Rifles?

    Im new to bolt actions and im looking to buy a nice one in .308. i have various ARs and its time i own one of these. Ive done a lot of looking around and find myself always looking at Remington 700 variants. Also Savages and Weatherby are on the list. The one that catches my eye and ive shot...
  7. Scope recommendations?

    Im looking to branch beyond my Aimpoint ML3 to something a little bigger and better. This scope will be used for ARs and M1A for stepping out further than the red dot. Id love to see what you guys would recommend to narrow my search. Ive already been looking at Leupolds, Trijicons, and some...
  8. MA AR-15 Build Questions

    Im looking to build my first AR and im looking to get schooled on MA rifle regs please. I know about fixed stocks, flash hiders, and bayonet mounts are not allowed. I searched, Is there a Sticky or a link i can refer to and learn about Do's and Don't's? Are there compliancy on certain parts? Im...
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