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  1. 45 slide damaged need ideas

    What does the disconnector look like?
  2. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    If I'm just cleaning off lube, I'll run the tumbler with the lid off (outside) any dust that's in the media will be taken away with a light breeze
  3. Deals and steals

    LAPG has 5.11 pants buy one get one 50% off. It says no code needed discount will be shown in cart
  4. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    I've been working on 9mm. In the past month or so, I have doubled the number of loaded rounds I have on hand. Various loads of 115, 124 and 147g. I still have 7k 124g bullets under the bench, but I think I should conserve my primers for other calibers.
  5. Michael Seeklander - 9 things I've learned

    I disagree with this one. There is no such thing as good enough (gear). I see many shooters changing guns and gear too frequently, they don't give themselves enough trigger time to get good with what they have. Even making small changes to their current gear is often just a waist of time...
  6. I am not Buying from Black Bullets Anymore

    Those photos are from about 4 years ago, when I was approached to be one of those
  7. I am not Buying from Black Bullets Anymore

    Some time back I had the opportunity to get Black Bullets at a steep discount. I ordered a quantity to test against the Ibejiheads (green) I was then (and, more than any other manufacturer, still ) loading. A simple test for the quality of the coating is to squish a bullet in a vise...
  8. What you have on a lever action for sights

    I have a Williams receiver mounted peep sight on my Marlin 1894. While it may not be the most 'traditional' looking, it does offer what I think is the best sight picture and great adjustability.
  9. Sig P226 Locked-Up - Can't Field Strip *UPDATE: Barrel Blew Out!

    What is your measured velocity with that load? What press do you use? My quick search shows that as the starting load (depending on bullet) With CFE being somewhat of a slower powder, a slight undercharge would likely still cycle the action, and probably push a bullet partially down the...
  10. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Definitely seat and crimp in two dies/stations.
  11. Enlarge Gas Port vs Lighten Buffer/BCG... What's the difference?

    Those reliable 9mms are blowback. 762x39 barrels ned very different gas tube lengths than 556. While a carbine length gas tube on a 16" 556 barrel is often overgassed, a 16" 762x39 barrel with that same carbine gas is just about right. Anything less than 16" and the dwell is reduced to not...
  12. Fall Walls 2020

    IMO its not the right way to run a match
  13. Fall Walls 2020

    Let me guess, you showed up to the registration table and they said "hey how would you like to run your squad"
  14. Allowing .22's at USPSA or IDPA matches?

    wins worst post of the necro thread revival. The argument here is for allowing 22 shooters to shoot for no score....
  15. Good match, except for that one stage...

    I love USPSA scoring. Yes, it is more complicated than IDPA's time plus system, but there is so much more information available. You can use that information to direct where you need to focus your training. HF is unique to each stage, and is only useful when compared to the high HF for that...
  16. Match Videos

    2 minute mark, and again at 5:25 ish. Train your finger to get up and index along the side of the frame or slide.
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