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  1. Impeachment on the Way

    Free is going to love your new President he is going to pay for your gender surgery and let you play in sports with your equals now [rofl] after he takes your guns first!
  2. Missouri Gun Shop Refuses To Sell Weapons, Ammo To Biden Supporters, And They’re Very Upset

    The Dems are leaving them bad reviews help these guys out and leave them a GREAT positive review. Screw the Biden supporters!
  3. This Blows!!!

    So does this
  4. Democrats waste no time in coming for your guns with new proposed bills

    Not a problem the working people like yourself will provide for them.
  5. So, they're afraid of everyone

    They are coming for @hminsky guns first, then will drain @hminsky's bank account to pay college, health insurance and reparations to all the illegals and anyone who feels their family is owed something. Then @hminksy will be forced to give his house to one of the migrant Americans because he is...
  6. Impeachment on the Way

    Wow o_O the socialists are really coming out of the woodwork aren't they. If we lose our gun rights it will because of you and your ilk that voted for it the intelligence is lost in some people.
  7. Gun Shop Life

    I agree with Greg that waiting and buying something that costs more because it's worth it is the better road to take including firearms. I try to buy the best I can and take care of it so it lasts. In a another hobby they call it quality over quantity that doesn't mean the most expensive 45 is...
  8. Vaccine Poll

    I guess your too young to remember this. I knew someone who got sick because of the Army's Anthrax vaccine glad to see idiots come in all shapes and sizes when it comes to untested vaccines both dataless and without long term studies. We have a need for people just like you as well...
  9. Armed Attacking Suspect shot and killed by armed paramedic

    Paramedics will be fired for being aggressive.
  10. Vaccine Poll

    So just a hypothesis but right now all the hospital workers are being subjected to getting the vaccine. If the vaccine, since there are no real time trials, kills them all then what do we do? At least there will be plenty of job openings for everyone.
  11. California going full retard.....again

    I had to read to Kill A Mockingbird in High School eons ago. I am not a book reader, not even today, but that was the only book I couldn't put down and had a profound effect on me.
  12. Proof California Democrats Are Invading Texas

    Gotta love Democrats they will have you at the mercy of others begging for their love and admiration kissing their ring and begging for help. I should change the thread title to Maura Healy must have moved to Texas. BTW all you NES Biden voters this is what you vote for weakness...
  13. California going full retard.....again

    F'in Nazi's Kristallnacht all over again who say's history is not revisited
  14. Losing faith 👎

    This thread is not about cars it's about trucks so how does your car really compare against a truck in general? I had a 3/4 ton GMC truck new out of the gate once...once been buying Fords ever since. Fords are a much better truck than any GM but they are not perfect. A lot of guys with GM's I...
  15. NH: 619 DW guns in Merrimack NH visited by police for not enforcing [unlawful] mask edicts

    Really no has asked yet!!!!! I will what's his NES handle? [rofl]
  16. Biden Gun tax

    Outed as a Biden voter hope they come for you first!
  17. Biden Deputy Chief of Staff Pushed ‘Mandatory’ Firearm Buybacks

    If they come they won't be paying you a dime. There are many here who voted for Biden and they will hand their guns over willingly probably even drive them to the drop off point with a smile on their face. Nothing like giving up your rights, guns and freedom for what? The biggest crybabies...
  18. Not Again

    I never listen to CrackPot's
  19. Not Again

    There are more people on this forum who look to call out dupes than starting fresh threads if you ask me.
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