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  1. 2020/21 Upland Season

    Best of luck with your falconry quest Dedication to the max
  2. 2020/21 Upland Season

    Found this guy on my back porch one AM I have or had quite a few rabbits around my property !
  3. 2020/21 Upland Season

    @GameHawker71 have you checked out any of the Max Powell YouTube vids. A fireman that chronicles his falconry training adventure. very informative
  4. Buck 2 down

    Nice !!!!
  5. First Time Sea Duck Hunting in ME

    Nice shooting !!!!! they are fast flyers
  6. Stuck a nice buck today

    Nice 👍👍👍
  7. Bobcat vs Rattlesnake

    Awesome,,,great post
  8. found my first elk shed

    Good goin !!!!!!
  9. Turkeys not moving when called

    Thought you were referring to today’s Snowflakes !!!!
  10. Just got the call

    Nice Fresh ground Bambi burgers
  11. Anyone willing to take newbies out for bird?

    I would highly suggest a day at Addieville in RI Next best thing to a real bird experience on ur own. You have great fields, dogs and people around and you know the birds are there. Then go out west.
  12. MA Turkey hunting clinic 2015

    Thank you for the heads up
  13. Pheasant Hunting

    That IS a great day
  14. Beginners guide to hunting in Massachusetts from Cerfur

    You need to take a hunters safety course
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