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  1. new respect for preppers

    People made fun of my toilet paper room! Never again! Ha Ha Ha!
  2. Long shelf life foods

    I have quite a bit of their stuff that the wife and I use for camping trips. I personally find their food outstanding. I could give a crap less about nutrition as long as it tastes good it keeps me warm and fills my belly. Their products do that. I think there high-end compared to Mountain...
  3. Homesteading Skills

    How about figuring a way to pay your prop. taxes after SHTF? If you think .gov is going to stop collecting in that scenario you’re kidding yourself. No one will have a job but I’ve never seen that stop .gov in the past? You’re going to have to fight .gov and everyone else. Not going to be...
  4. SHTF Vehicle of Choice?

    I remember going here is a kid in the 70s. We would climb all over the entire island. Every edifice, every secret passage, every tunnel we could find. It was a free-for-all. Yeah I would imagine that kids could’ve easily gotten hurt or even killed back then but it was a great time. Somehow I...
  5. Missing 411

    I read the first two books. I enjoyed them. The reason I didn’t continue was because it started to get really repetitive. Someone disappears, someone is found, someone is not found, evidence found, evidence not found, there’s only so far you can go with each case and it starts to end up being...
  6. Liberals are preparing for a Civil war...

    It didn’t. DUPE!
  7. Backpacking gear for a newb

    If you plan on going when it’s cold spend your money not only on a good pack but a good bag. Trying to sleep and being cold is a nightmare. You want to top-of-the-line down bag. Maybe not top-of-the-line but something that is real good between 400 and 500 bucks is what you’re looking at for a...
  8. SHTF Vehicle of Choice?

    8,500 bucks for a garage built mini bike? I’ll pass.
  9. One Man, Hand tools only Cabin. Outstanding!

    I wish I had 1/5 of that guys energy and drive. Dude is like a machine! Must also be a monk. Not much pu**y up there in the cold.
  10. "Solar/Wind Electric Backup" Virtual Build Party Feeler......

    I’d love to have a system just as the OP describes. I don’t see any reason a wind turbine can not be made to work with New England wind? Technology is at a point we could do it no problem. We just won’t. Oil companies don’t want it. Along with local power companies. As the OP correctly...
  11. DIY breakdown "backpacking" wood stove

    How do you like those cordless Milwaukee grinders? I’m in the market for a cordless grinder.
  12. Hammock Camping Thread

    Just want to say l love this thread! The wife and I camp every year for 20yrs. We had to cancel this year do to health reasons. Last year might have very well been our last trip. Reading this thread brings me back to the woods. Keep up the great hiking/camping and post lost of photos! We’ve...
  13. Ever read "One Second After ???"

    I’m on the 8th book in the series Conflicted Home. A. American has lost his touch. First 3 books great then they go down hill from there? I don’t know what happened or why I keep reading each new book? I guess I’m hooked just to see how the characters end up. Who dies or what happened to cause...
  14. Fire starter.

    Tried the link. Nothing.
  15. Fire starter.

    I can’t see anything under that name on eBay? I’d buy one of those in a second if available!
  16. Gold and silver prices are down

    I guess you know your old when you can remember buying and selling gold for 90 bucks an ounce.
  17. Gold and silver prices are down

    Amazing deal! Thanks for the heads up!
  18. Are NATO Jerry Cans Worth the price?

    No! Even the original WWII cans eventually rusted and leaked. You're much better off with something that in plastic.
  19. Gold and silver prices are down

    If anyone's interested I'm selling 15 Canadian silver maple leaves in the yard sale section. I'm asking 300 cash will not separate. I live in Townsend Mass will drive 20 miles to meet the buyer
  20. compressed toilet paper tablets

    I have some of these that I keep in my truck and my wifes Jeep. I also keep them in my bug out bag camping bag and other back country bags. Make sure you get the ones that are individually wrapped. The ones that aren't are too susceptible to moisture and will expand if they even get a little wet.
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