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  1. What is the best EOTECH (or other brand Red Dot) to buy?

    I am am eotech fan for several reasons including how nicely the reticle magnifies under a 3x. Smokes any red dot. However the eotech is limited to an AR type platform due to its higher positioning from rail. so for all other applications I use a holosun or equivalent w side battery tray. I’ve...
  2. Best place to get optics

    Sport optics SWFA primary arms aim surplus sometimes Brownells, midway i don’t buy from opticsplanet. never
  3. DIY USA Glock 17 Magazine Modification

    glock intentionally employs a polymer magazine catch. it is designed to function with polymer magazines if one insists on running metal magazines i would keep an eye on your magazine catch as it will almost certainly exhibit accelerated wear if your metal magazine is getting stuck, i would be...
  4. Where to try out Glock 19 holsters

    easy JM Custom has P80 holsters including quick ship unless boomer style need leather cant help you there
  5. Atlas Bipods - Any Experience?

    All their models are nice. the features of BT47 are pretty minuscule like no rotating legs. you are overthinking it. the most important specs are weight and nature of the mount. I’m running a BT10 with the lever ADM mount. Shop around you can find some deals or a coupon code/sale. this is my...
  6. Cerakote and similar. Is it rugged?

    i've had Tim at a G&N gunsmithing in Wrentham do cerakote work for me. always has come out great.
  7. Picking a Harris Bipod

    yup not cheap but worth it i love mine once im at desktop can help dig around for a deal on one here HAA code is discount
  8. Picking a Harris Bipod

    all high quality goods have knockoffs so what purchase from reputable source and you wont have to even think about it based on your description the atlas with ADM QD is the right bipod but if you want a fuddy heavy ass harris then go for it
  9. Picking a Harris Bipod

    if you're already starting with picatinny i would go with the atlas bipod that has an ADM QD mount it is far superior to the harris the only reason i ever use the harris is if i'm limited to a sling swivel interface such as on many bolt guns
  10. Pay someone for sight mods or just buy a sight pusher

    OP if you're planning on continuing as a pistol enthusiast just purchase an MGW sight pro. these were well north of $300 not long ago so prices are coming down. still not cheap but well worth the investment. the el cheapo sight pushers are absolute trash. it's a buy-once-cry-once proposition...
  11. Atlas Bipods - Any Experience?

    i have the atlas on an ADM mount. for a picatinny based bipod i don't think one can do any better. pricy but if you wait for a sale then definitely worth it. SWFA is running a 10% right now they may sell the atlas.
  12. AR-10 scope recommendations

    agree the turrets were mushy although always for me tracked well so functioned fine. however the newer production ones have very nice clicking turrets and better reticle designs then just usual mill dot
  13. AR-10 scope recommendations

    hands down, SWFA straight 10x42mm. SWFA SS 10x42 Tactical 30mm Riflescope SWFA is running an 11% sale through today. it's a military grade optic for like $260. i think i own 4 or 5 of them now. with a $500 budget, it allows another $250 to buy a high quality mount like ADM or Warne, along with...
  14. 1-4x or 1-8x scope?

    after spending ~3 years dicking around with LPVO's I'm now coming back to the out-of-fashion magnifier setup. under a magnifier the holographic eotech reticles look amazing so my new fave setup is an EXPS 2 or 3 with any decent magnifier. this way I can detach the magnifier and have a...
  15. 1-4x or 1-8x scope?

    the tavor is a long stroke piston gas system with a thin barrel. it will never be an "accuracy" rifle. even more limiting is shooting prone from a bullpup which is a PITA. -- the primary issue with 1-8x is that in FFP the reticle will be enormous on 8x. they'are also heavy. the trade off...
  16. Recommend me some good glass for an AR/ 22 Takedown?

    leupold rimfire 4x28. it's absolutely incredible for $200. shits on most other rimfire optics. they make a matte black version i prefer over the gloss. the only thing you get with higher magnification is decreased FOV. for rimfire there's no point unless your'e doing some lame-o benchrest...
  17. PA Gen II 3X Prism on Tavor X95???

    the PA prism scope is far superior to anything from vortex or burris in similar price range. Burris has a new prism scope but IIRC it's competing with ACOGs. the prism has no erector tube assembly like a scope and is so robust i don't personally worry about warranty. the only thing that coudl...
  18. PA Gen II 3X Prism on Tavor X95???

    my 5x is barely bigger than the 3x. maybe an ounce or two and slightly bigger objective.
  19. PA Gen II 3X Prism on Tavor X95???

    congrats on the X95. IMO the SAR and X95 are the finest bullpup 5.56 rifles ever built. if you ever want to feel really good about your purchase choice, go read the KTOG forum about the Kel Tec RDB. there are polls going about what issues each owner has had. it's crazy. what a nightmare. I...
  20. Cheap scope for rimfire

    cheap optics are a waste of $. i rarely use magnified optics on a 22LR, but if so I would go with the leupold 4x rimfire for sure...and i am not generally a leupold fan. Leupold FX-I Rimfire Rifle Scope 4x 28mm Fine Duplex - MPN: 58680
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