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  1. Glock gen 5

    What would prohibit it
  2. Denied request to have restrictions removed in Boston

    @Jimdev45 thugs carry guns all over town and seem to do just fine. if properly concealed, the only reason an LTC should come out is to buy ammo or after a gun goes bang. in the latter case one's problems will be 1000x bigger than the supposed restrictions. IANAL but the math is obvious.
  3. I plan to send my Mini-14 to Accuracy Systems...what can I legally have them do?

    nonsense! only the mini 14 can launch brass hard enough to wound everyone on the right half of the range! “Sorry guys it’s my mini 14 but I’ve got a first aid kit in the truck!” Silly AR ejects normally...nobody wants that! /sarc oh as a mini 14 collector and nerd I dig the rifle but still...
  4. I plan to send my Mini-14 to Accuracy Systems...what can I legally have them do?

    traded a mini for an AR! Heresy! Now how are you going to diagnose and resolve stoppages?
  5. LTC Renewal Fingerprinting?

  6. Frb Address STILL hasn't been Updated

    I called the FRB to update my address. The guy on the phone told me there’s a huge stack of address requests and they barely get to them. There’s .gov for you. He actually thanked me for calling to save him time. So sad.
  7. Pistol with Threaded barrel & "shroud"

    While it appears to have a thread protector on muzzle, the description states model 43921 is not threaded. I don't think Ruger has ever consider any threaded pistols to be "MA OK". not that it has any legal value whatsoever but certainly in line with Ruger's rich tradition of being overly paranoid.
  8. MA LTC expired renewal questions

    While this is a lousy situation and I hope you get it straightened out, it sounds like there are quite a few missing details (none of which I would suggest posting here). Ideally one has retained legal counsel prior to having their property seized. read SERE's post above.
  9. FID and Mental Illness

    OP- read Lens's posts closely. your medical history is not relevant. anything you voluntarily disclose will not be used in any way except to deny you a right. further if you voluntarily sought treatment you are not a federally prohibited person. as Len points out, any discussions about 2A or...
  10. MA Assault Weapons Ban "AWB" FAQ

    this is all up for debate. the MGL doesn't cover it. anyone's guess is as good as another. there is simply no way to say "such and such date is OK to personal transfer" so forth. the only actual date that matters is the 1994 business which covers the AWB such that rifles built before that time...
  11. Selling Off Roster Gun out of state

    is the question about having an FFL ship the firearm out of state? or doing an in-person transfer at an out-of-state FFL
  12. 1/31 MA EOPS roster out

    as a P227 owner, I can attest to how fantastic of a pistol it is. sig stuck with the short extractor which is stupid reliable. the magazine size is perfect and at 10 rds would be a good fit to MA BS laws. i am surprised Sig hasn't bothered to get it approved. i think they would sell a lot of them.
  13. Limits of Carrying INSIDE Apartment With Restricted LTC

    correct me if I'm wrong, but if a firearm is used in self defense the restrictions will be a minor issue
  14. MA Assault Weapons Ban "AWB" FAQ

    having read through the MGL now a few times, I agree with you that claiming a lower constitutes an AW is totally inconsistent with what is written. further, a lower can be handled in several ways none of which would constitute an AW: 1) nothing 2) built into manual loading firearm 3) built into...
  15. Lexington Resident Just Got LTC, With Sporting Restriction

    OP- glad to hear you're excited to have the LTC although the entire process is a class A infringement (pun intended).
  16. FN Scar and Tavor - are they banned in MA

    not sure what the ARAK long stroke offers over a typical short stroke piston. an adams arms piston upper can be had for half the cost of an ARAK. i have no hands on experience w the ARAK but just don't see all that much point to it.
  17. Anybody else happy marijuana is legal in MA?

    because federal law is ass backwards and I believe to answer the 4473 questions honestly one would be prohibited for example, marijuana is still listed as schedule I according to the DEA which puts it with heroin, LSD and methamphetamine. ridiculous.
  18. Boston Firearm Transportation - Class A w/ restrictions

    God forbid your firearm is employed for defense, the restriction on the LTC will be least of worries.
  19. Moving to Mass with AR 15

    I would have to agree with Dean (post #3 above). Somewhat long-winded, but he pretty much nailed it.
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