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  1. Is A Full Size Pistol Even Necessary?

    I have a Silver Pigeon ll Sport, great gun!
  2. Is A Full Size Pistol Even Necessary?

    Big hands——Big pistol! Even some of the full size pistols are to small for my hands. A G17 or a S&WM&PC my bottom two fingers are in the wind.
  3. Educate me on the modern S&W Model 29s

    Mine is a 629-2. I did the polishing and changed the grips. They’re cocobolo wood. Very comfortable. 8-3/8 barrel 44mag of course. I love it. I do get a lot of lead build up in the forcing cone. No way to clean it with brushes. I shoot 6 jacketed after shooting lead. It helps some but you...
  4. opinions on this colt 1911 black army

    1st post—-Show me the money!
  5. Punch broke off inside the bolt catch of my AR15. Help please

    Buy your punches right the first time and you’ll have them for life. Buy a 10 dollar set of punches get 10 dollars worth of quality. How much did you pay for the punch set you used for that job?
  6. Drop in AR trigger recommendations

    Do I read your post correctly when you say "Not a lot of options" I believe there are more triggers available for the AR platform than any other firearm in the history of mankind. I would recommend a Geissele piece. They make all kinds of options for the AR. If your wondering how to pronounce...
  7. Can’t decide which AR to purchase

    I’m guessing the OP is not from MA?
  8. Ruger Mark III Hunter...

    I’ve had mine for 10yrs. I love it. Controls are the same as the center fire pistols. The more I shoot the Hunter the better I get at the larger pistols. Way cheaper to shoot also.
  9. Savage Model 1907 to show for EddieCoyle

    That seems to be a very complex firing system?
  10. SKS: Yugo vs Norinco ?

    I picked up my Norinco in 1992? for $69.00! Those were the days.
  11. Value "Precision" rifle, which one?

    Repost—- I have a Savage 110BA in 300WM with a Nightforce 5-25x56 ATACR SFP with the Nightforce 34mm rings. Highly recommended! It is the brightest clearest scope I’ve ever looked through. Rifle is also very nice but very heavy. The combo with a bipod is 20lbs.
  12. Tavor SAR - Mass. legal and on sale here

    HMMMMM? I’ve been a Christian for 50yrs. Carried a Bible with me all 12yrs of public school. Never drank, smoked, did drugs, used profanity, etc... I was very popular[sarcasm]. I’ve never once been called a fool for believing a fantasy[sarcasm]. I’ve got a pretty tough skin. I’m glad you...
  13. Tavor SAR - Mass. legal and on sale here

    Show me where the bad religious man touched you?
  14. Tavor SAR - Mass. legal and on sale here

    I would just like to comment on this post. Under this logic I am also a FOOL! I have been said fool for 50yrs and it hasn’t failed me yet!
  15. Value "Precision" rifle, which one?

    What ever rifle you get I highly recommend the Nightforce brand of scopes. I have the first 5-25x56 ATACR SFP they built and it’s an amazing scope! You would think it has some type of light amplifier in it. It’s incredibly bright. You will need 34mm rings. Not as many choices. I used the NF...
  16. New toy! Savage Ashbury precision ordinance bolt action .308

    Looks nice! How about a few better photos so we can take a closer look at it?
  17. S&W 317 vs RUGER SR22

    My wife has the 617. Amazing pistol but huge money. Almost a grand for a 22 target pistol? My wife liked it so we got one. Shes happy and you know what they say about a happy wife? I have a 629-8_3/8 and I find the 617 to be built to the same standards. I think the 617 is way over built. Should...
  18. Bomb Squad Colt Commander

    Nice pistol! Welded and recut slide to frame rails? Wouldn't it have been easier to start with a white slide and frame? I'm assuming the welding was TIG? How tough was it to get a bead inside the slide? I would like to have been looking over the welders shoulder.
  19. g19 loose/worn slide stop or worn slide or old recoil spring?

    I don't think it's possible to get a photo of the spring. Just take the pins out like the other poster recommended.
  20. AR issue

    Did you gauge the chamber with a go no go gauge? From your photo the chamber looks to be a little scuffed. Your brothers bolt carrier group might have a little more clearance than yours. If yours is a little tighter that could be the problem right there. I would put a gauge on the chamber.
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