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  1. FCC Issues Enforcement Advisory: Radio Users Reminded Not to Use Radios in Crimes

    I just heard this. I see the FCC is so concerned about us amateur radio operators that they issued this edict on a Sunday. Of course the ARRL rolled over and did the FCC‘s bidding by issuing a ridiculous statement of their own. I didn’t see an FCC statement issued when antifa and BLM were using...
  2. Online "Getting Started with HAM radio" bootcamp - Nov 7 2020

    On-line?? 😖😖 No former drill Sargent code Nazi looking over your shoulder while you’re trying to transcribe 20wpm? Times they are a changing. Good thing I’m old. AE1Y
  3. New Radio!

    The first photo center top. I have that same sound box! It’s been so long since I looked at it I’m not even sure what it does? Nice Shack!
  4. New Radio!

    Join the club! A mess behind the radios is a right of passage for a ham! Even a photo you don’t like, other hams will love. Every ham loves to see haywire as bad as their own.
  5. New Radio!

    Nice radio! I had one, sold it and bumped up to a 950S Digital got that one before they went ballistic. Also got a 2000 new. I like both of them quite a bit. It will be a long time before my shack sees any new rigs. AE1Y Hows about a shack photo?
  6. Bought house w antenna

    I’m going with old TV antenna. The sawzall and the dumpster is your best option. Even if you could confirm it was at one time used for 2m I’d never hook that relic to one of my radios
  7. Online Technician Course

    Pretty soon they’ll be offering licenses in bubblegum machines. AE1Y
  8. Derry, Paxton, Westmoreland, and Greylock 2 Meter Repeaters

    Only if your doing moon bounce!
  9. Derry, Paxton, Westmoreland, and Greylock 2 Meter Repeaters

    Try to hit the one on top of Mount Washington. I find that I can hit this one really good 24/7. If you have any elevation at all you should be able to pick it up. Not too much traffic on it but it’s still neat to make a contact that far away. AE1Y
  10. EMP shield for amateur radio

    Not to mention Extra class is the only class where you can get a way cool 4 character call sign! AE1Y
  11. I want to throw my new Baofeng into traffic!

    I thought 800megs was cell phone territory? 824-894 is cell stuff. Many devices have all of that range blocked. Even though you can receive up to 999megs the 800 range is blocked. Im just guessing here.
  12. Another Newbie - Recent Baofeng Purchaser

    I like your call sign. Is that a vanity or have you had it for 40yrs? Edward AE1Y
  13. California Gives Big FU To Hams

    WTF? Cali is going to have to come up with local simplex frequencies. It’s going to end up resembling CB.
  14. Antenna Tower

    Make sure you get a good ground plane with that tower. The ground plane is sometimes harder to get right than the tower. I’ve seen GP’s with well over 100 wires. Do some antenna book reading about ground planes. It’s tough to get them right. If your GP ends up looking anything like the one in...
  15. upgraded ham!

    That’s correct. I guess many people are using computers to send digital messages using CW. Times they are a changing. Ed
  16. upgraded ham!

    Jack, your not being a CW fudd with me are you? If code is not cw than what is it? How would one use code if they did not use constant wave? I’m thinking semantics is getting in the way here. I guess one could use some other Form of modulation for the wave but I’m thinking Morse code has been...
  17. upgraded ham!

    I hurried to get my license so I had to pass code! Just something I wanted to do for me. I enjoyed the challenge. Once I learned I just started getting faster and faster. I got to a level that I could receive 17wpm and transmit 22wpm. Of course life got in the way and my station has been down...
  18. Ham Radio License Courses

    Congratulations! Don’t stop there do yourself a favor and learn code. Best thing you can do for a ham radio career. I’m one of those old codgers that think they should’ve never removed it from the licensing requirement. I believe it added a lot of dedication to obtaining a license. Requires...
  19. Built my first 4:1 toroidal balun this week

    Photo? I’d love to see the final work of art? Even some build photos would be nice. Always like to see radio stuff folks make. AE1Y
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