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  1. Tavor: who has one or opinion

    my M21 has a large triangle reticle...not sure if they all have this reticle. For work inside 100 yards it’s acceptable but with any degree of holdover the Target is occluded by the reticle. It forces me to zero the rifle quite high which is annoying. a chevron would be much better. It explains...
  2. Tavor: who has one or opinion

    Surprised you guys like the M21 optic. I have one and am not a fan. @quiller are you running a battery illumination on your M21? if so how do you like it? I’ve eyed it for a while but figured it just makes the setup too complicated. if it’s working out I will get one. BTW these curved buttpads...
  3. SHOT show 2020 anouncement megathread

    This was shot 2020 which didn’t happen due to the coof
  4. Is a PCC that uses a different mag than your pistol a dealbreaker?

    front sight is backwards. does that an operator thing? the eotech sits high. me thinks with that stock one would have a chin-weld. nah thanks.
  5. IDPA suspends club, MD and shooters for allowing AIWB in competition

    the safety issue being discussed here is not new. it is not as simple as saying "keep your booger hook off bang switch". as one who has AIWB for ~5 years now, it is true that the method of carry allows for absolutely zero error. this is one of the main reasons I either carry a DA/SA pistol (92G)...
  6. Springfield XDS 9mm: Will 3.3 barrel and slide fit same frame as 4.0?

    I would be inclined to say the lowers are identical. However best to just call Springfield armory and confirm. and while I dig my XDS-9, the newer line such as 365 and hellcat have dropped the prices on the XDS. would look around for an XDS 3.3 pistol as Im willing to bet a slide on eBay isnt...
  7. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    1911 forums are full of people firing GAP out of their 1911. Apparently it will chamber although obviously won’t headspace correctly. As you point out I bet there are a lot of afficionados out their running 45 gap through their boomer guns. PSGWSP. sgammo’s site has caps lock disclaimers to...
  8. Why is .357 Sig the redheaded stepchild of handgun ammunition?

    I am a 357 sig fan and still occasionally carry a G31 since its holster compatible with my G17. the whole debate about 357 sig is pointless because there will never be data to put the questions to rest. Further these are handgun cartridges which all suck compared to any centerfire rifle. So...
  9. Opinions needed - a Ghost Glock PRO 3.3 GEN 1-5 connector

    As noted by @dcmdon, The Feature discussed here is to produce a trigger with minimal overtravel. it will also shorten reset distance. serves no purpose for defensive pistol. It is a useful if you’re playing shooting game and you’re on a clock. That being said ghost connectors are excellent and...
  10. Deals and steals

    current climate 2months backorder is fine w me. then again i’m considering a 6 months form 4 approval to be speedy. are you sure delay is for the MBT-2s or something else in the order? i normally use the BCM PNT trigger since it’s mil spec weight and pull just smoother. The ALG QMS seems...
  11. Deals and steals

    I have no experience w rise armament but I’m also not sure I’d drop $190 for their trigger when a Larue MBT can be had for $80.
  12. Deals and steals

    a Deals and steals thread is really useful when used for deals and steals. flirting with each other or festooning the thread with memes can literally be accomplished in like 100 other places.
  13. 226/229 mags

    I don’t think Sig would answer yes to this one. A P226 has a narrower magazine than a P229-1. The P226 mag will fit very sloppy in a 229 and I’m not sure it will lock in place. It is not like a G17 vs 19 where only difference is mag length. I wouldn’t bother with this.
  14. Gunsmithing/Pin and Weld

    Tim Gostling, G&N Gunsmithing at Gartman Arms
  15. Looks like every Thug in Dorchester has a Glock and a High cap Mag...

    ^this seeing nothing to provide basis of the search, unless he stupidly authorized it are size 36 pants more expensive than size 34? There’s no reason a 19X “should” cost more than a 19.
  16. I REALLY thought I’d hate a Glock 45

    Yup they shoot great which is why I dig them too. The 17 has always even my fave but 19 or 45 are close enough to check the same boxes.
  17. 80% AR Lower build

    5D FTW
  18. Girsan 1911 thoughts

    Not seen the girsan 1911 but their other pistols including their 92 clone (the regard, dumb name) all have very nice machining. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase their 1911 assuming price is good. oh and very soon we’ll get lectured for purchasing a Turkish pistol
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