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  1. Where to find reloading supplies in Central mass

    Where to find reloading supplies in central mass? With the store in Holliston closing I don’t know anybody else. Called all the places in Framingham and Natick and they’re either closed or don’t have any. Need to get some large pistol primers for a match this coming weekend! Thanks, Chuck
  2. Vihtavuori N310

    Anyone seen this unicorn in a store not too far from MetroWest? Thanks, Chuck
  3. Looking for 32 S&W Long Wadcutter

    Hi, Anyone know a store within reasonable distance of Mass Metro-West selling 32 S&W Long Wadcutter? Just got a new toy that needs to be fed... thanks, Chuck
  4. Getting weapons not on the roster back from bonded storage

    Hi, I don't wont to get into gory details, but my weapons are currently in bonded storage. Now that I have my LTC back I'm trying to get them all back. Storage company is saying that as an FFL they can not transfer some weapons back to me because FFLs just can't sell them. I know that's the...
  5. Stores with powder in Mass?

    Hi, Got the hankering to reload something new, low recoil 30-30. Anyone know a store in Mass (central or South Eastern preferred) that has variety of bullets, brass, and powder: Trail Boss or H4985? thanks, Chuck
  6. M&P Shield owners have got to try some 147g!

    Got a Shield? Hopping you win the give-away this month? I was very much unimpressed with my Shields accuracy until I finally tried out some 147g ammo. At first I just tried some Black Hills FMJ (resting my wrists on a block, target at 50') and that grouped much better than anything else I've...
  7. Robert (Bob) Lamb Jr, Gunsmith in Cheshire

    Hi, Anyone use him? I felt a sweet M&P Shield trigger job today that he did for a club member. Google can't find a website for him. Just mentions on some other gun sales sites for transfers. cheers, Chuck
  8. Skullduggery

    Unearthed by a friend's dog in Michigan. He asked me because you know, I have guns... Anyone know what animal this is from? thanks
  9. How to give an LC9s a decent trigger ?

    Hi, Picked up an LC9s. The Mass trigger is one only a politician would love. What are the options for lightening it up to a more standard poundage? M&P Shield has the Apex. The original LC9 has the Galloway. I haven't found anything similar for the LC9s. Or DIY options for the...
  10. Urban Legend? Man arrested in Hyannis for telling thugs he had a gun?

    Hi, I googled and searched here but can't find anything on this. I've been told this story so many times I was about ready to call it fact. But, I like to check things first. The story was a guy and his date were walking in Hyannis when some thugs started to harass them. It got bad enough...
  11. How to print out a copy of the EFA10?

    Hi, Made a deal using the electronic FA 10. The link provided at the end of the process leads to a completely blank web page (I even checked the HTML source). Is this a temporary glitch; have y'all you have used EFA10s been able to print them out for your record keeping? Have you ever been...
  12. Marvel conversion help

    Hi, My Marvel conversion on my Greg Derr tuned Colt 70 series frame just doesn't work. In 45 mode it functions flawlessly. When I put on the Marvel I usually get a jam where the extracted case doesn't get out of the way. See the pic - this happens 2-3 times per mag. I've tried multiple...
  13. LTC renewal

    Hey folks, I don't know why I got this into my head, but I thought LTC's were good for 7 years. That is, after they stopped making them lifetime, they made them good for 7. But, I just checked the current regs and it says 6. Did they change it? It means my wife's expired 6 months ago...
  14. Bullseye outdoor 900/1800/2700 NRA matches?

    Hi, I know about the ones at Woburn Sportsman: April 17th, May 15th, September 18th, and October 16th 2016. Who knows of others in Mass? I didn't see these or any other bullseye matches on the nice calendar in the stickies. thanks, Chuck
  15. Think I found a NESer!

    Driving up to ski country last weekend...
  16. Where to find 38 Special bullets?

    Hi, Anyone know where in some-what central MA I can pick up some 158g SWC or RN to make some Distinguished Revolver ammo asap? thanks, Chuck
  17. How much clearance around progressive press?

    Hi, Just getting into reloading. I currently have a Rock Chucker mounted on the end of my wood working bench. But, have a new Horndady Lock n Load Progressive to set up. Going to make a bench and put it in a large walk in closet to make the AG happy. How much room around a progressive...
  18. The Man Who Killed Osama bin Laden... Is Screwed

    Article in Esquire that burns my butt over how little support veterans of our longest war are getting.
  19. Gun Raffle Raising Money for Junior Shooters

    Hi, If you are coming to the Marlborough show this weekend, please stop by the Massachusetts Junior Pistol Team's table! We'll be raffling off the winner's choice of: Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm Ruger SR1911 Stainless 45ACP Remington 1911 w/ threaded barrel 45ACP (non MA/NY compliant) North...
  20. Carry at New England Aquarium?

    Just got roped into taking visiting niece and nephew to the Aquarium in Boston in a couple of hours. Any carry restrictions there? Signs, metal detectors, etc? Thanks, Chuck
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