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  1. You want to see a turtle?

    I'm a little worried that in a few weeks, my wife will make soup out of me.
  2. 2020 Fishing thread

    No, you do not have to buy a season pass; theoretically it will save you money. You can pay each day only when you are there (I think it's $8). They closed the water after 9/11 and also after a fake zebra mussel scare. No refunds to anyone. They really don't want anyone on our water.
  3. 2020 Fishing thread

    As expected, the Quabbin is closed "indefinitely." In other words, likely for the season. No refunds will be given for season passes. They got me on that one after they closed following 9/11, because of course the next logical target was an obscure reservoir in central MA. Call your reps and...
  4. 2020 Fishing thread

    Today should be opening day at the Quabbin, but it's been postponed because fish transmit the virus (?). I can understand why they didn't want to open the gates for boating because employees might be at risk (minimal), but why close shore fishing? The truth is DCR doesn't want anyone fishing...
  5. Time Marches On - The best month for bass is one that many anglers overlook.

    I used to have a Coleman Crawdad (first pic). I caught more bass in small ponds out of that boat than my other boats combined. I gave it to a friend's kids so they could make some memories as well.
  6. I hate blue herons. They would kill my fish in my pond like crazy.

    Young Island in Lake Champlain used to be completely denuded and covered with cormorants and ring-necked gulls. A few years ago F&W started oiling the eggs and the island is making a comeback.
  7. 2019 Fishing Thread

    Yeah, I have friends who do the cold-weather thing. I have another boat so it's not an issue. Also, unless they've recently changed their rules, you can't have carpeted bunks on your trailer. I had to replace mine with raw pressure treated lumber.
  8. 2019 Fishing Thread

    Nice boat. Just be aware that you have to get it powerwashed at a special place and they put a seal between your boat and trailer. If the seal is removed (so you can fish other places, you have to get it washed again before you can use it in the Quabbin again.
  9. Freshwater Fishing License...Who can ask to see it?

    I once had a MA greencoat give me a ride home (about 15 minutes) after my dog locked my truck from the inside while I was loading my boat on a one lane ramp. I thought that was a good deed. I learned to always leave the window open and to carry a spare truck key in the boat. There were some...
  10. What have you seen lately?

    You are right; that's not the picture I was looking for. Somewhere I have an osprey that landed in a tree outside my house.
  11. English Springer Spaniel - rescue in MA

    That link takes me nowhere, but I did have a springer growing up. Best dog ever for a kid. He would jump out of the boat and try to rescue me when I fell water skiing. He once dove off the dock and came up with a watersnake in his mouth. Once ate a litter of kittens (OK, he just killed...
  12. What have you seen lately?

    Walked out the door last year (maybe two years ago?) and saw this guy in a tree. Nearest water is 10 miles away.
  13. What have you seen lately?

    Peepers. Thousands and thousands of f'n peepers.
  14. Wolves in MA?

    I live deep in the woods on a dirt road in a small WMass town. We regularly see bear and moose and deer and coyotes and I have to wade through the turkeys many mornings to get to work. Two years ago my son and I saw a wolf running across the road. We both knew immediately what it was. Maybe...
  15. Quail at WMAI

    We used to flush grouse fairly frequently when I was a kid--scares the bejeezus out of you. Haven't seen one in many years.
  16. VTers target deer decoy

    He's been fined $14k? You could buy a lot of steak with that.
  17. 2017 Fishing/Ice Fishing Thread

    Awesome beast. As I recall from the Hemingway story, Santiago had to strap his marlin to the side of his boat. At least you didn't lose it to the sharks.
  18. Squirrels?

    I hang em off fence posts to warn the others
  19. 2017 Fishing/Ice Fishing Thread

    Jeebus, that's almost as big as you are
  20. 2017 Fishing/Ice Fishing Thread

    Big ole socialist pike caught near Bernie Sanders' house in North Hero on Lake Champlain. And an unexpected walleye. Did I mention that we were fishing for bass?
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