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  1. My buddy Dave

    Man,,, that really sucks positive thoughts headed his way
  2. Recent retirees

    Enjoy ur life and keep ur self healthy Dont worry about the the rest of the bullshit take care of ur self if not ,,,work it
  3. Req. help for a Marine in his final days

    God Bless him,,,,, Good to see his brothers rallying together for him
  4. Lori Trahan replaces POW Flag with Transgender Pride Flag

    DISGRACEFUL Typical Liberal Democrap BS
  5. The Gunny

    80 and still active in the Marine community and still works out
  6. A Bucket Of Shrimp

  7. Army/Marines want more from their recruits.

    Ur dealing with millelianals Sarge I need somebody to wipe my ass
  8. DI's @ Parris Island Under Investigation for Hazing & Abuse

    Gets back to " Just because you can, doesn't make it right". You can interpret that statement any way you want.
  9. What To Do With A Good Friend Suffering From PTSD...

    Don't know if ur a gym rat or a runner. Getting his focus on something else and wearing his energy down would be a place to start. It won't fix it but it might make it manageable. He might be able to start to talk to someone about it.
  10. Obama's gaffe at Fort Drum 23 June

    Barry and the rest of his cast of characters are a bunch of idiots and he couldn't be a pimple on Bush's ass on his best teleprompter day .
  11. Prager University: How the War in Vietnam was Won and Lost

    The spineless pieces of crap back then are the spineless pieces of crap making up most of Washington . Nothing has changed. It's just gotting worse.
  12. My daughter told me I needed to "grow up, and get over it!

    Remember, Don't lose your East Coast Cool. Should have asked him if the Jews that were exterminated by the Nazis,and Italian civilians,and the French civilians and Belgians were less important than the German"civilians" who were part of the Machine trying to take over the world that were...
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