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  1. Ruger PC Carbine Chassis - length & fit?

    nobody on earth can answer whether LOP will fit you. if it's too long just re-pin the stock shorter. unless mechanically handicapped that can be done at home. it's not a trap gun so it doesn't need to fit perfectly. i am normal height but like to run all my rifles with very short LOP because i'm...
  2. Replacement stock, Mossberg 500 20GA

    The Magpul forends are nice but their SGA stock is excellent. I have on both my 590’s. I run mine with no spacers for shortest LOP possible and they’re are near perfect. it is bullshit that Magpul doesn’t include a QD mount and the one they sell allows rotation of the swivel. Other than those...
  3. Wolf upper - what is this thing?

    there is plenty of info out there on the T91 rifle. it's a taiwanese design that employs short stroke piston. i don't own one but they seem to do just fine. since it's a piston rifle, the bolt is proprietary. if looking for a piston upper try it.
  4. Ruger 10/22 Takedown model?

    The takedown is excellent w sole exception of receiver mounted optics. There is slight POI shift with disassembly/reassembly. I’m not going to get into A silly debate about this. It’s insignificant at shorter distances or with say a red dot. However if you’re using a magnified Optic shooting...
  5. Gunsmith recommendations Framingham/Natick

    can’t imagine why he wouldn’t want to address a dicked-up Glock for which the only treatment is to re-install the factory parts
  6. Well I bought another HK.

    yes o ring barrel i find the 45c grip to suck. It’s also a bit too short for my hand. The gun just doesn’t stay put for me. The full size 45 or any other HK is fine for me but the 45c occupies this weird size for which I have no purpose.
  7. General Mini 14 Thread

    wow I’m surprised the work was shotty in a few areas. Thankfully sounds like your barrel and action are done right but still weird for gas block and trigger group to be dicked up. Carl would probably want to know.
  8. General Mini 14 Thread

    @wmass did you get the rifle back from Carl? If so how does it look And shoot? Since moving back to NC I haven’t had a chance to get my Accuracy Systems Mini-14 out to the range here but on It’s one trip to Westwood it was lights out at 300 yards with 55 gr match ammo.
  9. AR in x39?

    There are fundamental problems w 7.62x39 in an AR Including weakened bolt lugs/face and a straight magazine trying to accommodate the tapered case. The one upper I built ran well but was mag picky. ASC 10 rd mags worked well. Then somewhere around 1500 rounds a bolt lug sheared off (not...
  10. Sig problems

    own enough modern production Sigs and a loose sight will seem like nothing.
  11. Small divots in new XDM mags

    It’s from firing last round when the mag is empty. The breech is contacting the follower. Normal just keep shooting the pistol. Similar contact will occur if hand cycling the pistol with an empty mag in place.
  12. 16-18" AR10, would you go 308 or 6.5 creedmoor?

    @drgrant regarding barrel life in 6.5 CM, it's roughly 1/4 the length of life as a 308. lots of variables play in especially heat. however not unusual for groups to start opening up at 2-3k rounds and for the barrel to be significantly less accurate by 5k. if I were building an autoloader in...
  13. 16-18" AR10, would you go 308 or 6.5 creedmoor?

    308 18" 6.5 20 or 22" 16" is pointless i prefer an adjustable gas block, something nice like the SLR the choice of cartridge is fairly obvious past ~600 yards or if user prefers less felt recoil, the 6.5 shines barrel life in 308 is significantly better
  14. General Mini 14 Thread

    @Waher I would just enjoy the rifle as it is. it looks compliant-enough to me ;) [mg]
  15. First guns

  16. 80% Polyer ar lowers

    waiting for @drgrant to crack his jokes about how sub 50 oz "pistol" requires oven mitt to avoid burning fingers off [rofl]
  17. 80% Polyer ar lowers

    @Clippyclip avoid polymer lower start with 6061, not 7075 5D jig you're welcome
  18. Bought a new pistol today (1st wheel gun).

    J frame is where it's at svelte but comfortable to shoot while i have little faith in current S&W build quality, their J frames are pretty squared away the newer design with fully supported forcing cone can run full power 357 mag all day long no issues can you see does your model 19 have the new...
  19. Mossberg 590A1

    500 stupid magazine-barrel design 590A1 stupid heavy barrel no point, some silly .mil thing heat shield is beyond stupid, all it does is snag on shit the only mossberg models that make sense are the 590’s (not 590A1) and the mav88 to go el cheapo. Unfortunately few shops stock the 590’s...
  20. .45 Shield

    ~4 years ago i got an awesome deal on a 629 6 inch performance center. factory ported and so forth. gorgeous revolver. just couldn't say no. about 3 cylinders in the front sight was gone. found it on the ground. there was liquid adhesive in the dovetail and on the sight. the fit into the...
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