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  1. Where to find reloading supplies in Central mass

    Cabelas does have CCI and Federal in stock. Their web site says none In stock, but I got a chance to call just now.
  2. Where to find reloading supplies in Central mass

    Where to find reloading supplies in central mass? With the store in Holliston closing I don’t know anybody else. Called all the places in Framingham and Natick and they’re either closed or don’t have any. Need to get some large pistol primers for a match this coming weekend! Thanks, Chuck
  3. Vihtavuori N310

    Unfortunately no N310
  4. Vihtavuori N310

    Anyone seen this unicorn in a store not too far from MetroWest? Thanks, Chuck
  5. Looking for 32 S&W Long Wadcutter

    Hi, Anyone know a store within reasonable distance of Mass Metro-West selling 32 S&W Long Wadcutter? Just got a new toy that needs to be fed... thanks, Chuck
  6. NES/MFS March Gun Giveaway

  7. Shoulder (Rotator cuff? anyone had surgery?). I need a good doctor..

    Another node to Dr. Alan Curtis at the Boston Sports & Shoulder Center. Did my shoulder in March (medium size tear and two bone spurs). I saw him in the HealthPoint office in Waltham.
  8. AR lowers

    Talked to ATF, they don't keep 4473s, the dealer does. And Tite Group that did the group buy transfer for us is out of business.
  9. AR lowers

    Yes, thanks for reminding me the number. I don't recall getting a copy, just filling it out everytime I buy something.
  10. Getting weapons not on the roster back from bonded storage

    Where can one find info on this? Any test cases out there? It appears few folks get guns back from bonded warehouse -- I know of none personally. Don't know who to ask nor does the attorney I asked.
  11. AR lowers

    When you buy a lower, a federal form is filled out, right? Not the FA-10 but something for BATF IIRC. Anyone know if its possible to get a copy of that form for something purchased in 2008 to prove my lower was in state then? thanks
  12. Getting weapons not on the roster back from bonded storage

    Hi, I don't wont to get into gory details, but my weapons are currently in bonded storage. Now that I have my LTC back I'm trying to get them all back. Storage company is saying that as an FFL they can not transfer some weapons back to me because FFLs just can't sell them. I know that's the...
  13. NES/MFS August Giveaway

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