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  1. So, they're afraid of everyone

    This is on par with the Covid response
  2. NRA files bancruptcy

    Wayne must have taken another pay check,,,,,
  3. ATF Agent Gets Arrested, Video from Officer Cams

    “I’m a Fedeal Agent” right there would make anyone suspect,,,, Dont those boys wear a jacket with their agency initials on the back when on official business ? I think the ATF dude needs a psych evaluation
  4. Can I shoot Trap with this?

    Only on full auto
  5. Favorite shot, not hunting.

    Weller Antique 107,,,neat
  6. "A Mask Will Protect You More Than an AR15 Will ....."

    The ole sayin’ “ better to appear to be the idiot, than to open ur mouth and remove all doubt “
  7. G19 vs Sig P320c

    Go shoot 500 rounds, go home look in the mirror and ask yourself that question Ur the only one that can answer that question
  8. My Tranny is leaking

    Time to smoke a fatty on the LSG,,,,,,,regroup,,,, LA,,,,,,,go East,,,,,jack the ignition and park it,,,,,, call the Ins. Co. 😂🤣🤣😂👍👍👍
  9. 6.5 Creedmoor precision rifle choices?

    Don’t dismiss Browning they have a nice selection of long distance bolt rifles in most calibers of choice
  10. Gun-toting congresswoman-elect may carry Glock at Capitol

    Good on her,,,, 2A Goddess
  11. Protests erupt in Omaha after police fatally shoot Black man during traffic stop

    Sounds like they should have called a social worker
  12. Recommendation on Sig 365 IWB Holster

    I use a Tuster,,,,luv it, have a comp-tac with the wing,,,,depends on the pants I’m wearing a buddy has a MK-tek holster and luvs it,,,made in Rockland,ma have a good website also
  13. Winner for the House from CO very pro-gun

    She has alot of class also
  14. Went hardcore America today

  15. Is it too late to dump our guns?

  16. Gretchen "Witchmer" target of kidnap plot

    They probably worked for the DNC
  17. Driveway issues the town caused... (Cars bottoming out)

    Is the town doing the work or a hired private contractor. If the reconstruction is being done by a contracted private contractor there should be a resident engineer on the project for inspections and problems that arise and you might ask who the resident Eng. Is and ask to have him stop by to...
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