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  1. Man, 20, charged with murder for 'robbing and shooting dead 25-year-old Temple University graduate' while he was walking his dog at 7pm in Philadelphi

    I don’t know how this is possible. The news told me that only racist, sexist, bigoted, Trump voters are the only people that do bad things?
  2. How much ammo per caliber have you managed to stock up?

    How many people answered that poll honestly? Unfortunately I only have 1/2 a box of loose cartridges per-caliber. :(
  3. Armed Attacking Suspect shot and killed by armed paramedic

    There are plenty of Biden voters here that have no idea.
  4. How many NES members are now considered Felons? ATF AR/AK pistol brace fiasco.

    I just saw this news break. It’s the new Biden world developing as we speak.
  5. It is guns like this, that really make me want to move to New Hampshire.

    I wonder if you could get that set up as a pistol? That way you wouldn’t have to worry about the Fed paperwork.
  6. Pro-Second Amendment judge overseeing third gun rights case this week, gun control groups cry foul

    Isn’t judge shopping what the ninth circuit court is all about? I don’t hear people saying Jack about the SJW‘s getting their cases in front of the ninth circuit? Just like others have said the shoe is on the other foot.
  7. Oregon drivers stopped at gunpoint by groups protecting wildfire ravaged properties from looters: sheriff

    How about a drivers license or other identification that shows their address in the neighborhood that they’re in?
  8. Oregon drivers stopped at gunpoint by groups protecting wildfire ravaged properties from looters: sheriff

    I agree that in a normal world this would be outrages. But in today’s world especially in a burned out town or neighborhood where people are driving around just to rubberneck and take a look at the poor burned out people, I 100% percent agree with the homeowners in the area taking it upon...
  9. Dinesh D'Souza says recent riots and political unrest could lead to 'rise of citizen militias around the country'

    I would trust Dinesh more than any registered Democrat any day of the week.
  10. knife guys: buck 184 value

    These in black are going for 400+ on eBay! I remember they were 100 bucks new.
  11. funny: if your old enough to get this biden joke

    This episode of Star Trek is exactly what is going on in the country today. I know that show is prophetic with many things— cell phones, automatic opening doors, iPads, etc... But I never thought our form of government could be one of the episodes.
  12. Biden just took a 15 point lead over Trump

    People are afraid to say they’re voting for Trump. If you stand up for Trump you might get a peaceful BLM protest on your front yard the very next day.
  13. ar15 80% build wizards : what would this total cost to for a gunsmith complete this project

    I was with you right up until your last sentence. A milling machine is the best option.
  14. Sheered off my Dan Wesson scope base screws today

    Try backing them out with a good sharp awl. If you don’t have one just sharpen up a piece of brazing rod or something like it to a fine point and try driving the screw counterclockwise with it. It’s worked for me many many times.
  15. Weymouth Sports CLub threatening to have LTCs revoked for people shooting right now

    Something tells me those cameras have recorded their last frame.
  16. Go get a box of grid squares and some high-speed missile wax

    5mm fallopian tube‘s Is always a good one.
  17. Home appraisals North Shore MA??

    Don’t fall for woodpecker damage. One home inspector added that the the report when my sister and I sold my dads house after his death. I did some research and found every house in NE can be written up as having woodpecker damage. This is because NE is woodpecker country and they can put it...
  18. How many rounds to pack for a new [GAY] shooter?

    OK I’ll say it—— What does being gay have to do with his questions?
  19. POLL: "Should G.O.A.L. hold a Civil Disobedience Rally on Beacon Hill April 19th?

    If you tried this, cops would round every one up, your guns will be confiscated and your LTC shredded before you even got your bail hearing. Instant horde of brand new PP’s. Maura’s wet dream.
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