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  1. Cash the check and make me green

    When you mailed the check did you include the required photo of your butthole? Read the terms and conditions next time
  2. Wtf wareham pd

    Yes and we did, but the boss decided it wasn’t good enough.🤷
  3. Wtf wareham pd

    Those scanners are why my PD stopped doing fingerprints. You can’t disinfect them. It’s some weird rubber type material and all you can do to clean them is to use these special pads that remove the grease, but not the germs.
  4. Ammo stolen lesson learned

    Check the classifieds
  5. Wtf wareham pd

    I get it dude. It sucks but people are just trying to survive this shit. First responders are getting their vaccine shots now. My first shot is next Wednesday. It won’t be long.
  6. Wtf wareham pd

    It’s not about screwing him out of his LTC, my department stopped fingerprints for a while also because of covid. Even with masks, cops have to touch your hands and stand in close proximity. On the good side, at the height of the virus I know that some departments told guys to stop making...
  7. Vermont - Top Vermont officials back gun prohibitions, but Senate action is uncertain

    People do NOT have the right to “feel” safe. They have the right to create safety for themselves by carrying a firearm on a responsible manner.
  8. Neill Tassel got my 2A Rights RESTORED!! First gun purchase coming soon. Recs!?

    Just curious if there was any problem with your PP status and joining the military? Did you have to get a waiver?
  9. Why is .357 Sig the redheaded stepchild of handgun ammunition?

    I think most of us are not competitive shooters snd want a proven, inexpensive and commonly available round for self defense. .45 is my go to, but 9mm is fine also. I guess I never felt the need to try out new fangled calibers.
  10. Should the State House be Passing Legislation While Closed to the Public?

    No, they shouldn't but what are we going to do about it? Write strongly worded letters for their circular file?
  11. Tragic! Federal Government Bans Conservative Laura Loomer from Owning Guns - not sure if Fake News

    Every single politically right of Mao forum is being watched by the feds. I promise you they read this one also and have files on all of the stupid stuff we have said. They have too much stuff to lock up everyone in the country, but if they decide to come for you for whatever reason, there will...
  12. Pandemic Brand Loyalty

    I’m a Charmin guy. I have a closet full. Also Lysol wipes and spray. I buy a lot of store brand stuff, but some things I can’t sacrifice on like Hellman’s Mayo. Can’t do store brand Mayo or ketchup
  13. Help Save My Hens

    Contrary to what some are saying, if you call the fish cops, they may not be helpful, but worse they may start snooping around. We have a saying in these parts. “Shoot, shovel and shut up.”
  14. Help Save My Hens

    My buddy lost like 6 hens in the corse of 2 days last summer to what he suspects was a weasel. Are you certain it’s a Fox? If so, do what you have to do to save your animals.
  15. bug out bag contents advice needed

    Oh I agree with you. Just pointing out that for a 72 hour pack, you mainly need water and something warm to sleep in. Most other stuff is a luxury. Most people can easily survive 3 days without food, but you will be hungry. Fires are dangerous because of light and smell.
  16. So, they're afraid of everyone

    If anything happens it 100% false flag. Why would anyone rob the gas station while the cops are in there getting coffee? You wait until they leave
  17. bug out bag contents advice needed

    You really don’t need much. A couple MREs, warmth, matches, water filtration.
  18. **UPDATED - gun replaced**. My Dan Wesson 357 is toast.

    Congrats man. Didn’t read that far, sorry. Nice to see people standing by their products
  19. **UPDATED - gun replaced**. My Dan Wesson 357 is toast.

    did the barrel come with a warranty? Since it was the barrels fault the gun blew up, I would expect them to make it right somehow
  20. Oath Keepers shut down!!

    It is. That’s why I was curious
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