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  1. Case Club ammo can lock

    I was looking for videos to do a DIY ammo can lock and found these. Not sure how new these are but I haven't seen...
  2. Dupe Bullet-cam

    Dupe. Admin feel free to lock or delete. Hornady and Vortex have a round with a video camera at the tip. The video of your shot goes right to your phone so you can see your shot. $10 a round
  3. Turkey Guns

    Turkey 2017 is approaching so let's talk turkey guns. I've always used a 12 gauge (Mossberg 835 recently) but I'm looking for something in a smaller gauge with a longer barrel. So what do you guys use for turkey?
  4. CLEO signature on Form 4 no longer required

    I missed this so I'm sure some others have also. ATF rules a CLEO's signature is no longer required on a Form 4. I searched so if this is a dupe, my bad.
  5. W Ma Academy

    Has anybody been through the academy at STCC recently? Any bits of info you would like to share for future LEO's?
  6. Mat Best - How to be Tacticool

    How To Be Tacticool: Mat Best lol NSFW
  7. Firearms being made in Southwick Western Mass has a new place to make firearms. I'll have to go try one
  8. Interview Process

    Does anybody have anything to share about interviews? Tips, tricks, general info or any formalities we should know before going in..
  9. Man Shoots Drone; Arrested

    So much Fail in New Jersey
  10. Recover Tactical Anybody have experience with this? I kinda like the idea and the price isn't bad
  11. Permit in 5 Weeks

    My wife picked up her LTC today! No restrictions. She applied on Aug 6 and got the call this morning to pick it up. She is very excited about going shopping to "Try On" new stuff. She's already asking about a CT Permit. She is from Germany, so I was worried about somebody somewhere trying to...
  12. Tonight: Rise of AR-15

    Tonight 8pm-9pm CNBC America's Gun: The Rise of the AR-15 I'll be watching to see how it goes. Probably a stroke waiting to happen because in the short description they mention gun-control, Newtown and Aurora.
  13. Cop leaves gun in trunk, get drunk Worthington Part Time Cop causes scene at Murphy's in Agawam. Cops find improperly stored duty pistol in trunk. Cop facing charges in Westfield court
  14. Hartford Buy Back---7/19/2014

    I say we all show up and see what happens. Maybe make a few purchases ourselves?? HARTFORD GUN BUY BACKrough Johnson Stewart Community Center 127 Martin St,Hartford, CT 06120 Saturday July 19th 2014 10:00am through 3pm Gift Cards will be given out in exchange for working firearms...
  15. Druglords home raided, guns, cash Prolly a dupe, I didn't check. Nice house and nice gun collection. Kinda nice to see them taken care of in a country like that
  16. Italy goes after Armalite Some legal trouble could be coming their way.
  17. Newtown back at it

    They are riding bikes to DC to push gun control. They left this morning. First they are all over the news. Then cry and say "Leave us alone." Now they do this. I hope they get lost. I'm not posting any links because I don't want them to get anymore attention Edit: They are in bicycles, not...
  18. PTR Port Buffer

    My PTR MSR is ruining my brass, I know they do that. So I want to add a port buffer. The problem is the MSR has a welded rail for a scope so the buffer most likely will not fit. And I don't want to weld a piece to my receiver if I don't have to Has anyone added a port buffer to an HK or PTR...
  19. Dog allergic to reloading

    I recently began reloading 308 with my old man. Today we resized and tumbled 50. I get home and clean em up with hand tools and prime them. After about an hour we notice the dogs left side of her face and her tongue is swelling and she's drooling. After a lil bit we rush to the emergency...
  20. Optics Planet 50% off March 50% off
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