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  1. Worcester Pistol and Rifle Club

    I lost my renewal application that came in the mail. Where can I obtain another copy to fill and mail in?
  2. Minuteman Armory review

    Couldn’t agree more. I love mine. And I don’t think it’s ugly any more
  3. Pulled the sd card on one of my cameras this morning.

    That’s not bad mf***er enough for NES
  4. John Wick

    Multiple penalties on the play First penalty: obtaining firearm that I want but cannot have, that penalty is declined Next penalty: use of misleading/not detailed enough thread title, 10 yard penalty repeat first post
  5. Stun Guns Woohoo!!!! Can't Wait To Zap Myself

    The REAL question (shocked nobody is asking) is what happens when you use it... Will it be treated the same way as drawing a gun? Like aiming a gun? Like shooting a gun?
  6. Any advice to a soon to be officer?

    Don’t ask around here for advice. If you do ignore 90%. Maybe 95%. But that 5-10% is gold.
  7. Got my dream gun today! One of the best days of my life. (M1 Garand)

    Yes it is Greek. It is someone’s name: Last name: Toutilikiotis First name: Aggelos (Angel) My guess is that who the rifle was assigned to. Greek army used to have the soldiers right their names on their rifles. Many did it anyways.
  8. SKS: Yugo vs Norinco ?

    Are those still super inflated prices or they can be bad for normal money ?
  9. DUI/OUI a deal breaker?

    Just read this whole thread. MA is completely wild lol
  10. Worcester Pistol and Rifle Club

    I gotta put my membership to use soon damn it
  11. Massachusetts>Texas

    One of the worst fast food places. Same level as BK. Trash. TX is awesome by the way.
  12. Lower Cost Knife Recommendation

    What kind of envelopes you guys get that you need to use a knife to open!? And then that knife needs sharpening often too? I have a bunch of <$10 knifes from Walmart to open boxes, cut string for the trimmer, etc around the house and shed that I never have to touch up and they work just fine...
  13. Is America heading to a civil war? Many people think so. See poll.

    Scary how so many are disconnected from reality
  14. Armed citizen stops armed robbery Worcester
  15. sheriff shot in maine

    Holy f***ing assumptions
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