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  1. First Handgun

  2. BAR

    by now you all have heard of this place called Sigonella. i was stationed there in 63 snd 64. i was in the ordinance shop. 4 guys at a time were flown out to a bombing range. we took some firearms and ammo, you can guess what we took and a few others. JimB
  3. M&P 9mm Full Size ejecting brass to the face

    sendng it back was the right decision. JimB
  4. New Ruger SR22 Issues

    for some reason rulers are like that. call ruler and ask what ammo they are testing and explain your problem they'll take care of it. JimB
  5. 22/45 Target failure to feed

  6. Any gunsmiths that can repair a J Frame sight?

    post a pic??????????
  7. S&W 627 rust on frame

    call Smith
  8. Fixing a MA M&P 45

    i did my m&p 9 and 45 no problems, besides that the company has gunsmiths that will help you. i suggest you call them and discuss what you want to do.
  9. I am not sure I can shoot my glock 19 correctly.

    sell it and buy something you shoot well.
  10. In defense of gun stores

    good for them i hope they find the inventory to sell, just because there are crowds doesn't mean things are good if they have nothing to sell. i'm not a panic buyer, went thru this with primers, when things settled out i bought what i needed.
  11. Assistance purchasing quality workhorse 1911

    if you want to spend the $$$ an S&W performance center 1911 is the balls, i would suggest a 945 but they are no longer made, find someone that has one and see if they will let you try it.
  12. M&P Apex Sear Issue

    i would call APEX they will bend over backwards to help ask to speak to a gunsmith.
  13. What is causing this jam?? Ruger MarkIII

    i've had 2 rugers still have one and both had problems, call Ruger see what say. i have sent both back on their dime. They fixed both and i never had any further problems. They test them with CCI ammo. Jim
  14. So the pistol I'm considering comes with a manual safety.

    have you considered an M&P????
  15. M&P .40c giving me trouble when loading all 10 rounds in a magazine.

    there is a video on you tube, how to modify an M&P magazine, basically, cut about 1 1/2 coils of the follower spring and also cut off some of the bottom of the follower, it makes getting 10 rounds a little easier with a Lula loader. check out you tube....
  16. 45 options

    what do you want to do with this gun, target, carry, plink???
  17. Staining Wood Grips - 1911

    i would strip them as mentioned, the analine dye (prefer alcohol analine) will definitely do it, this will get them to the black you want for sure. i would recommend a "finish" of some sort to protect what you did. just be careful with gun cleanerxs.
  18. M&P shoots low with resolution

    trigger first.
  19. M&P shoots low with resolution

    M&P's M&P's do not for the most part have adjustable sights, yes you can loosen the set screw on the rear sight but the movement is crude. an adjustable rear sight can correct a lot of issues, not all but most.
  20. M&P shoots low with resolution

    i've run into several folks who have filed down the front sight on SW guns to correct aiming problems....
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