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  1. LTC hunting~target

    quick question,, With a hunting & target class A LTC permit, are you ok to carry conceiled? im sure this has been beat to death,but i dont remember, thankyou for your replies,,
  2. The Wait

    theres a gun show coming in march in west springfield,at the BIG E location,its something to look forward to,
  3. Show off your pocket pistols

    very cool, great jouce, yep,i cant spell,& i dont care,
  4. Choosing a first rifle.

    the question cant be answered,its like asking what kind of girl to go out with,think about it,, " ALL OF THEM"is the only answer,but how?OMG!!!
  5. looking for a coyote rifle im thinking 223 , your thoughts ?

    can you buy a AR15 with a FID?dont think so,,although i could be wrong, i use my preban AR15 for coyote,compact,lightweight, and just fun to carry,love it
  6. Dura Bake or similar Refinishing Service i second it, Lou, @ business end customs,he's in peabody ma. he did a preban ar15 for me last year,he did a great job! i have before and after pics if you want to see it, i would definitely use him again,great guy to deal with,fast turn around time,and he enjoys...
  7. Winter camo? here the link,,if i did it rite<<<probley not,lol
  8. Winter camo?

    Duracoat has a "mission specific" removable product,you can change it whenever you want.
  9. What is the best gun for predator hunting?

    bass pro is having a seminar on predator hunting this weekend, you may want to check out. i went last year it was good,
  10. Ar-15 info

    buy yourself a preban,you can have anything on them u want,you wont be limited to a pined stock or a welded muzzle brake, you can find them on the classified section of this site,some real nice rifles out there,most with low round count,take your time, buy a preban! just my opinion...
  11. Coyote hunting with ar15 in MA?

    the 5 round mag thing is new hampshire not mass.
  12. electronic calls~new hampshire?

    i cant find anywhere it says i cant,i've been looking,
  13. electronic calls~new hampshire?

    i could'nt find it either,,well then maybe....we can use them
  14. electronic calls~new hampshire?

    can we use electronic calls in new hampshire while hunting deer?
  15. pheasant hunting at sandy neck

    ug,does'nt sound fun,thanks anyway
  16. pheasant hunting at sandy neck

    any one go hunting at sandy neck in Sandwich?,is it worth the hour drive?dont they stock it?
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