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  1. SOLD Honda 4S Trimmer/Brush Cutter

    It's gone.
  2. WTS RCBS Reloading Equipment with Bench.

    Selling for an old friend who is downsizing. RCBS Rc Supreme Master Kit, Solid 5 foot maple top work bench with gray steel frame and shop chair, Lee carbide .38/.357 carbide die, RCBS .45Auto and .222 Remington die sets, Lyman .38 die set, Wilson .45, 38, and .222 Remington case gauges, burring...
  3. Safe tipped over. Now what?

    My nephew is at the start of the big D. His wife was up his ass about getting the safe out of the house. He had no help and it flipped onto it's side in the back of his truck going down a short set of stairs. He's coming here where I'll take it out with my tractor. My question is; Do Liberty...
  4. WTS Sig Sauer P230

    An older Sig made in W. Germany in 9mm kurz (.380) in pretty good condition. Shows light holster wear that I tried to show in the pictures. Very light use from shooting. Comes with leather as shown and spare mag plus over 10 boxes of ammo. 800.00 OBRO Goose Rules
  5. My Colt Super 38

    Just got this back from Vinny @ Shawsheen and I'm thrilled with this 80 year old classic. Nice two tone cerakote, fresh sights, hammer, trigger, flat spring housing, and serrations to the slide due to a rust blob that was there when I bought it. I lost my grip screws so stainless ones are going...
  6. WTS BBQ Guru DigiQ GX

    I have a very lightly used DigiQ DX temperature control from BBQ Guru. The power supply, fan, temp probes and stand are all in great condition and have been stored indoors in a box. The adapter I have is for a BGE but many other styles are available from them. These normally retail at 225.00 and...
  7. WTS Misc boating stuff

    I got some miscellaneous boating stuff that needs to get out of my office as I sold the boat. All prices are shipped to you. Birdsall Marine Design Trident Rod Holder. It's in at least a 95% condition. 180.00 New 150 for you. Boating Flag Poles 4' Rod Holder Flag Pole. These are fiberglass...
  8. Uzi semi auto carbine question

    Who among us is knowledgeable on the carbine? Trying to put a date of manufacture on it.
  9. American Rifleman TV w/ S&W

    My very first handgun was a Mod 66 back in 81. I loved that gun and wish I never traded it. I’ve gone thru a few more and still have some older nice models I’ve picked up over time. Tonight I’m sipping some bourbon watching the show and they are showing off the line of revolvers and it kinda...
  10. Brand new helmet

    Castle X Scorpion EXO CX950, size XL in Matte Black for snowmobiling. This is the modular model with flip up face, heated shield, internal flip down yellow sun shade plus a smoked flip down. This is NIB with all stickers still on the shield. I stupidly bought the wrong size. MSRP with the...
  11. Free upright freezer...

    Gone to a new home.
  12. LMT Owners

    I bought a LMT years ago in 556 with the intent of having a barrel or three as that's what the design was all about. My question is what barrels have you bought and why? I got the urge to buy something and I don't need another firearm in this state.
  13. Another Sporting Goods Auction

    Sharing this from SAM News July/August edition. Putting this out for those who may have interest in attending the Summer Sporting Auction being held Saturday August 3 at 10:00 in Steep Falls Maine by Giguere Auction Co. A few handguns, shotguns, hand full of rifles, reloading, optics, misc...
  14. Lowell Sun poll

    Looks like the online version of the paper has a poll asking how many gunz do you own. Zero is the highest number so far. LOL
  15. Anti being nominated to head MSP

    With the election of Janet Mills to replace outgoing Gov LePage in Maine she has nominated a serious non 2A Portland COP to head the MSP. This could be a serious problem for those who banked on Constitutional Carry. The #1 reason I kept my Non Res active at renewal. Hell... I’m not even sure of...
  16. AimPoint ACRO

    Looks interesting for old eyes. Been an AimPoint user for many years and trust the brand. Anybody using one on a carry gun? I’m thinking on a Sig 239 and 220 as they are my common carry. Would not think about it in smaller frames. Thoughts? Not a lot of size change from the Trujicon RMR.
  17. WTS 2000 Ski Doo Mach 1 snowmobile

    Have decided to put my snowmobile on the block. 2000 Ski Doo Mach 1 triple/triple. I'm the 3rd owner. First owner was the wife of a local mechanic. Second was the girlfriend of my landscaper whose shop is next to #1 and never rode it. Never crashed. In outstanding condition, no rips or cracks...
  18. New Anti Gun Banner in Boston

    Is anybody else hoping the rain comes dumping down today on the new billboard at the corner of Boylston and Dalton Streets today at 11? The usual anti 2A players will be there. Wonder if CharLIE will be attending?
  19. WTB Plate compactor

    looking to buy a plate compactor if you or someone you know has a working model not in use. Renting one is not an option given the location.
  20. Colt Super .38

    I've acquired an older Super (Ser 33###) that does not have much of any wear but was improperly stored so it has a dime sized rust snot on the left side of the slide, some small pits elsewhere around the slide and frame and a touch of rust on the trigger. Gun is 100% original with the box and...
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