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  1. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    $275 plus whatever else Case life is one benefit. Is getting the brass back to the same exact spec every time over 8 or 10 firings for consistent results. If you have 5000 once fired cases and your goal is a softball sized group @ 200 yards, then case...
  2. Contemplating Moving to a More Free State

    Out of those that you picked, go there, and not to the tourist part. Go about 45 mins away from the tourist parts. See how you like it. Look into the demographics, the cost of living, avg income based on your line of work, pull voting records, crime stats, whats gas go for currently compared to...
  3. Tragic! Federal Government Bans Conservative Laura Loomer from Owning Guns - not sure if Fake News

    Note the key words and phrases Still Prohibited and Appeal.
  4. VIDEO - CA Homeowner Has Shootout with Attempted Home Invader

    Looks like he had one of these. Not the best marketing strategy for Beretta.
  5. Road rage incudent belmont ends in death

    Covid related road rage
  6. Haenel CR223 versus Zastava M90

    Whatever you have the money for and is available right now.
  7. The Mill is full

    W.t.b ads. Whoever has or can get what you're lookin for will reach out. Its navigating the Mill thats the adventure.
  8. Colt ar15 triangular hand guard

    They were designed to cause a significant amount of grief and frustration to remove for cleaning during basic training. It did come in handy to rest on sandbags, gave a semi flat base to stabilize off of
  9. New name for the .40 S&W!

    10mm Spl.
  10. New Guns versus Ammo and Reloading Supplies.

    Shoot someone elses ammo to keep up your L33T SKIL7. Problem solved. Combat roll Left.
  11. .222 projectile question

    Put calipers to it. Its probably "bullets used to reload .222" and around 35-50 grs? For what its worth, triple duece and .222 rem mag use .224 projo's
  12. Anyone Know Where to Get Primers?

    How much longer before @andrew1220 opens up shop someplace?
  13. 9mm

    The answer to that is...........Both
  14. Caliber Conversion Kits and Zero

    I did have to re-zero, but I had put in adjustable rear sights at the same time and purchased the appropriate amount of magazines for that caliber and just stuck with that (.357 sig to .40) Obviously if your going from something like .45 to 9mm or 9x25/ .38 super comp, you may have to do more...
  15. Caliber Conversion Kits and Zero

    Most of the .22 conversions include a slide, so theres no re-zeroing. Are you asking about a complete conversion or going from like .40 to 9mm and its just a barrel?
  16. Anyone Know Where to Get Primers?

    Theres an ass for every seat
  17. Revolver Accessories

    I keep one of these on the back of my belt Holds 1 steel challenge stage worth of moons
  18. Can I shoot Trap with this?

    You sure can! If you can record it to include the sneer of disgust from the fudds that would be a huge bonus
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