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  1. Motivational Mega Thread

  2. High pressure?

    what kind of gun?
  3. M1A purchase.

    If you'd like to put your check from Donald to good use, how about a Bula forged receiver M14 ? (too bad it wasn't a $2k check) this just came in: "Good afternoon! I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas & a Happy New Year! 😊 Below are some rifles that we now have in stock for immediate...
  4. SHTF Vehicle of Choice?

    more like a Maxi-Bike:
  5. 870 with no bead

    Brownells has a plethora of shotgun replacement beads Bead Shotgun Parts at Brownells
  6. SHTF Vehicle of Choice?

    How about a Rokon? from just up the road in NH Rokon For Preppers - Rokon
  7. 10mm reloading case failure. What could cause this?

    You'd think it would split axially if pressure were too high or material was bad, since hoop stress is 2x axial stress (if it were a free cylinder) how is the case length vs. headspace? heaviness of crimp? (i.e., is there axial clearance for the crimped-in-bullet to stretch the case?
  8. Stores that sell upper receivers

    If you get a White Oak, you can win the National Matches ;) They have a lot of specials in January White Oak Armament | Quality Parts for Competitive and Casual Shooters
  9. Best colors for New England environment

    How about the "Heller Kitty" motif?
  10. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Looks like your aim has gone to the dark side
  11. Looking for a new 45 range toy

    The S&W Shield 45 is quite amazing! M&P Shield M2.0 | Smith & Wesson
  12. Christmas Gift Trash. Am I the only one?

    Don't you guys save big cardboard for target frames? :)
  13. New to eastern MA, places for skeet

    GOAL has a map with all their affiliated clubs on it: GOAL - Affiliated Clubs -lots of good ones!
  14. Hornady 5.56 55gr. #2267 and H335

    Be careful out there:
  15. M1 Garand Megathread

    Happy St. John Cantius Day on Wednesday! (you-know-who is named after him)
  16. Colt 1860 Army clone

    Neverseez is your friend when re-assembling
  17. Colt 1860 Army clone

    nipple wrench, maxi-lube
  18. Rascal or Crickett for an 8 year old.

    The Mini Bolt is awesome & made in the USA
  19. Percussion caps keep falling off tc renegade

    yup a little bit of beeswax from a toilet wax ring or Maxi-lube on the side might help, plus make it watertight - just don't plug the flash-hole
  20. Percussion caps keep falling off tc renegade

    squeeze/pinch 'em sideways a bit so they'll grab?
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