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  1. LTC hunting~target

    quick question,, With a hunting & target class A LTC permit, are you ok to carry conceiled? im sure this has been beat to death,but i dont remember, thankyou for your replies,,
  2. electronic calls~new hampshire?

    can we use electronic calls in new hampshire while hunting deer?
  3. pheasant hunting at sandy neck

    any one go hunting at sandy neck in Sandwich?,is it worth the hour drive?dont they stock it?
  4. gray squirrel hunting w/ rifle & dog?

    so i'm thinking about going squirrel hunting w/ a ar15 rifle with a 22lr conversion kit in it,in zone 8 or 9. can i take my dog?i hate to leave her home if i'm out walking,,,
  5. saiga 12 question

    so ,i just put a deposit down a saiga 12,can i do the pistol grip conversion to it?,im in the suck state of ma. although it does go up to my shoulder great the way it is...very easy to find the sites
  6. redone preban with cerakote

    this guy Lou did a great job on my preban,he's in Peabody turn around time.[smile]
  7. redone preban did a real nice job,hope the pics worked /Users/larry/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2010/Aug 25, 2010_2/P1500866.JPG /Users/larry/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2010/Sep 1, 2010/P1500874.JPG /Users/larry/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2010/Aug 25...
  8. duracoating-who does great work

    does anyone know of anyone who could duracoat a AR15, in the wrentham,foxboro area,i realy dont want to sent it out. thanks for your thoughts,
  9. change pinned stock when hunting?

    question for ya's can i change my pinned stock on my mass. compliant AR10 to a Collapsible stock while hunting in NH?
  10. would you guys trade a glock26 for a......

    would you guys trade a glock26 for a Detonics Combat Master .45 ? i dont know to much about the detonics,i dont want to make a mistake, whats the census...
  11. any thoughts on Detonics Combat Master .45

    any thoughts ,,,got a chance to get one, i dont know to much about them, thanks in advance,,
  12. preban ar15 from out of state?

    can a mass resident buy a preban ar15 from out of state?
  13. hunting coyote with AR15 in mass.

    i plan on doing some coyote hunting with my AR15 .223, i have my LTC class "A" heres my question? can i hunt with a ten round mag? or do i need a 5 round? how bout a 30,got plenty of them,,
  14. coyote hunting with 223 during primitive arms

    so guys i have question for ya's, can we coyote hunt with a rifle during primitive arms season?
  15. coyote hunting with ar15 in mass.

    i plan on going coyote hunting with my ar15 .223 in mass. i have my LTC class A do i have to use a 5 round mag for hunting? or can i use a ten round mag. with only 5 rounds in it? thanks for your thought's ,,
  16. coyote hunting in mass

    correct me if i'm wrong please,,do i have this rite? we can hunt coyote's in mass with a rifle,my AR15 223cal. as long as its not a WMA zone stocked with phesants,
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