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  1. Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker to sign 'red flag' gun bill on Tuesday

    eddie zoom said it all for me, thats why i left. you folks are doomed to lose, get out if you can. yah you can stay and fight, but you seem to be loosing ground.
  2. Online Businesses to Avoid - Omaha Steaks

    we got a $70 package, it sucked, overpriced. don't waste your money or time. JimB
  3. NC House Bill - add a pistol roster like CA

    did't they elect a dem governor??????
  4. LTC in hand, looking to join Harvard SC

    the rules regarding membership changed, check it out.
  5. **Alert** Public Hearing - State House - 11/16/17 Please Attend!

    Jamie is a pain in the ass and a liar.
  6. Are Australia's gun laws the solution for the US?

    if you like the AUSI LIFE, GTFO and don't come back. JimB and oh ya f&ckyou.
  7. Linsky after bump stocks AND pre ban mags !!!!!!!!!

    remember where you folks live, the land of the libs and idiots
  8. Engraving on a collector gun?

    its the same with antique tools, a name on the tool decreases its value, unless its someone famous and it could be a maybe. JimB
  9. Globe Silencer Poll

    voted, done
  10. Selectmen order Granby Bow and Gun Club to shut down controversial half-mile-long

    did anyone check with the building inspector to understand if they needed permits????? permits can really be a show stopper and a reason to shut you down. JimB
  11. Millions of Gun Owners May Become Criminals On July 1(Cali again)

    on June 1st we sold our house and made it thru the invisible barbed wire from Mass to NH and from here to the south. its nice to stay and fight, but when your badly outnumbered with creepocrats your not gonna win. JimB
  12. Flying to Tennessee. Advice / Tips wanted.

    I did...... JimB
  13. Troll or the dumbest gun owner?

    he's an idiot
  14. MA Governor Race

    i've been a lifelong resident of Mass. up till last thursday, 6/1/17. we passed papers on the house and went north. we had enough of the bullshit. JimB
  15. Fed. Plan to Disarm ?

    i call bullshit. JimB
  16. 20 July 2017 a shameful anniversary!

    we are gonna vote with our feet and GTFO real soon, like days away ,its just keeps getting worse. heading South. JimB.
  17. How do you store your mags?

    mine are marked with gun they go to, use an elastic to keep them together. think simple. JimB
  18. Temporary move to a red town...need advice

    Just move JimB
  19. Gun Store Price Matching

    BPS owns cabellas
  20. Other state AG's critique Healy Exxon lawsuit about climate change

    this climate change/global warming bullshit is just what it is. JimB
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