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  1. To Protect Herself Against White Supremacy, Roxane Gay Reveals She's Purchased Firearms: 'I Got Me a Berretta'

    What is troubling is these people have been conditioned to be fixated on white people. They've been told white people are their enemies out to do everything they can to eliminate them. This has been all brought about by the democrats who are the original party of slavery, the klan and Jim Crow...
  2. Any Norinco AK experience?

    It has risk. If you don't know what you're doing you will destroy the rifle. They aren't made to be disassembled pre se. If the parts were overly tight on spec when they were first installed the risk is even greater. You must protect the muzzle tip as it can be easily distorted.
  3. Impeachment on the Way

    Biden will take the wall down to further destroy our nation.
  4. They Are Not Coming to Take Your Guns – It May be Worse Than That

    And yet how many people buy the CNN fake news narrative "Fiery but mostly peaceful protests" without even questioning? That's worse than anything else.
  5. Impeachment on the Way

    The democrats always talk unity but it's just talk. Unity to them is total domination over those who disagree with them. They thrive on division and use it as their main weapon pitting one group against another playing master puppet maker all the time. The day after the stole the election AOC...
  6. Veterans group members in Capitol riot to be purged from organizations

    They're generating a lot of fear and anxiety to control people for seeking a redress of grievances. While neglecting a whole summer of burning, looting and murdering. Never mind all the elected democrats who encouraged them and facilitated in that.
  7. Impeachment on the Way

    I think the fake media is right there with Russia and China.😡
  8. Reloading .223/5.56

    If you want to shoot for groups as good as you can get, I would suggest the Hornady Comparator headspace and bullet seating gauges. A must for me. It will help with OCD!
  9. Impeachment on the Way

    It's just their pretext to impeach him. It's their version of "Red Flagging" someone.
  10. Impeachment on the Way

    It's something about article 25 and him going to launch the nukes.
  11. Impeachment on the Way

    Pelosi announces she's announcing she's filing articles of impeachment against President Trump.
  12. Tactical Comms Gear - Lets see what you're using

    I can foresee things getting worse do they have the ability to shut down all communications? Is there an alternative to overcome this problem.
  13. Tactical Comms Gear - Lets see what you're using

    I saw on the news yesterday how communications were shut down around the capitol. Would this stuff work if the government tries to jam them?
  14. Gun-toting congresswoman-elect may carry Glock at Capitol

    There are a lot of special people in government who deny us our rights yet they get to exercise them. That's very wrong.
  15. ATF To Rewrite The Definition Of A Lower Receiver: Lower Receivers Are Not Firearms

    Ya you know it's not going to be good. They simply aren't having an epiphany that the constitution is the rule we live by and are going to give up all that power and money! Not with Joe trying to steal the election. ;)
  16. NGOs have they been all Liberal ?

    NGO's are another tentacle the commies use to manipulate and gain control over policies, further advancing their agenda. The UN is full of them too. When they they speak it all sounds so good and nonthreatening, however underneath the truth is quite different.
  17. Vaccine Poll

    Don't think there's been enough testing for long term results. Don't trust these NWO types either. I've had the virus and was pretty ill from it. I'm not getting the shot.
  18. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    What are the hours your ammo store is open? That's serious. No wonder you left the Peoples Republic. LOL
  19. Resizing .223 - ring on brass

    It does look like head separation at first glance. Maybe the chamber is to big at the base?
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