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  1. USA Poll for more gun control

    Strongly Disagree 48.2%
  2. EOPS List 9-2017

    Thompson Center has a pistol in 308 Win?
  3. Deals and steals

    Ya it's not the best but it'll work. I'm gonna throw it on my SBR to keep everything small and light.
  4. Deals and steals

    I got one if these during their last optics sale. This time it has a free mount. I tried to buy one on sale last week and the site said they were no longer available. I called customer service and the rude lady was no help. Glad you posted this cuz I wanted another one and with my club point I...
  5. ATF E-Forms Submission wait time

    Once the FFL receives my tax stamp for an SBR on a Form 4 do I need to do anymore paperwork or do I just go and pick up the SBR and my paperwork? just read I need to do a 4473, check NFA box and no background.
  6. ATF E-Forms Submission wait time

    Mine was a paper Form 4. The check was cashed 9/7/16. FFL received paperwork 8/4/17. They sent the forms to transfer my SBR to me back the same day. Should have the paperwork back soon
  7. Hidden compartments in your car could become a felony!

    Exactly why it needs to be written as an added charge when caught with drugs or something in it. Not just used for an empty hide or something completely legal that is hidden for safety and security
  8. Hidden compartments in your car could become a felony!

    Ya cuz u know me so well right? Again, nothing wrong with a hide for porn. Unless you start putting illegal crap in there for the purpose if hiding and transporting and get busted with it in the hide. Thus would have to be a charge added in when busted with drugs or something in there. Not just...
  9. Hidden compartments in your car could become a felony!

    I don't think I made my argument clear. I'm not against hides in general, just the ones these scumbags are using for their illegal crap. If a licensed person wants to tear up their car to hide a legal firearm, fine. A bit wierd and can raise some eyebrows and may lead to some questions to make...
  10. Gen 2 Glock 19 - Brass to face

    Jerry Miculek has a video about locking his wrist when he shoots. Try to find it and learn what you can. Also make sure you're choked up on the grip. Holding it low can make the recoil harder to control
  11. Hidden compartments in your car could become a felony!

    I will agree that is messed up. We cannot allow MA to write ours the same way, "operating a vehicle containing a hide". If it's not being used to hide drugs or cash or something then you really don't have anything. It could be the person had no idea it was there and should not be charged. Adding...
  12. Hidden compartments in your car could become a felony!

    I love our constitution. Served to protect it. This is about those hides engineered with hydraulics or hidden buttons to release it, or a series of buttons knobs and switches to open a hide. I doubt any of you keep your firearms in a compartment like that when traveling. Did you hack your cars...
  13. Hidden compartments in your car could become a felony!

    Wow, seriously? You guys are a bunch of paranoid tinfoil hat wearers. This is is being introduced because of all the people busted with secret compartments for heroin and drugs, cash from selling those drugs and illegally owned firearms to protect the drugs and cash. These vehicles are being...
  14. Moving and gun storage

    I'm the same way. We have a finished walk out basement but it gets cold in winter and humid in summer. I won't keep any guns down there. I don't know how big ur collection is but maybe one of us has room to store them
  15. Form letter to send to Chiefs when you move? Download and print Change of Address form. Send it certified mail. 1 to old town, 1 to new town, 1 to FRB within 30 days
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  17. VIDEO: how not to get pulled over with a gun..................

    Don't listen to anything that moron says. Just him reaching around the car is enough to pull him out. He should just leave it in his holster and tell the cop he's licensed and is carrying while his hands are on the wheel. The cop may say "where is it? ok just don't reach towards it". Or he may...
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