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  1. XDs recall -- .45 ACP and 9x19

    I'm getting anxious and want mine back...It's already been there for 3 weeks [thinking]
  2. Four Seasons is awesome!!

    Feel free to continue your comments about FS in the "Gun Shops and Reviews" category here:
  3. absolutly pissed! **update

    I don't doubt this BS happens in MA, but it sounds a little hinky that they'd just call you and tell you this over the phone...Sure nobody's just playing a shitty prank on you?
  4. Man Shot In Leg @ Range In NH Today

    If it helps clarify, Bob is a friend of mine...I've been to his house and his range. I can say with certainty that Jim from MFL does not own this shop.
  5. Man Shot In Leg @ Range In NH Today

    No, they're not...See my posts on the 1st page.
  6. Man Shot In Leg @ Range In NH Today

    Yes, they do...Full auto, suppressed guns, etc.
  7. Man Shot In Leg @ Range In NH Today

    Read my above post, Zappa
  8. Man Shot In Leg @ Range In NH Today

    No, they're different than MFL. The owner's name is Bob G. and he's a good guy. He originally owned Granite State Firearms in Brentwood (still has a shop out of his house now), but moved up to Belmont to open the big shop with full range with rentals and whatnot.
  9. Top Shot back tonight

    That was Ashley...He didn't get the idea of stepping up instead of jumping on it.
  10. Top Shot back tonight

    Exactly...They're trying to not only hit a small target at 50 & 100 yards, but they're trying to do it the fastest. That 1:02 that Jamie did was pretty awesome. Think about how long 62 seconds is...On the show it looked like he had time, but try walking to the bathroom, going to the bathroom...
  11. NH Non Res CCW permit

    I've been called a couple times as a reference for MA LTC applications, but never for NH.
  12. help me make a $1000 decision

    If I had to choose, I'd choose the AR over the 1911...My question though is why do you think it's too big to carry? There are more sizes than just the full gov't size 1911...There are great, smaller carry 1911s out there like the Kimber Pro Carry, etc.
  13. Talk me out of moving back to Massachusetts

    Three words my friend...Southern New Hampshire.
  14. Heckler & Koch back in Massachusetts

    Not that I even really care anymore, but... Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight [thinking]
  15. Is 3x30 in a Trijicon strong enough magnification for a 308 AR Platform

    I guess it depends on how good your aim is and how steady you are [wink] I'm not sure how good of a deal you're getting, Troy, but for that price brand new, you might as well drop that money on a Leupold (and save $$$ if you've got your C&R through MidwayUSA...I saved $250 once on a Leupold...
  16. Can somebody tell me what "SPF" means?

    Yep, right here:
  17. Congrats to SKS Ray

    I was thinking the exact same thing! Congrats Ray! Merry Christmas! [cheers]
  18. Caption fun 09-21-2005

    How in God's name did you dig this thread up?
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