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  1. Dakota Alert MURS MAT

    BTW, as an update for the MURS UV transmitters from Dakota Alert: I saw earlier that someone mentioned a 12vdc battery. I went to Amazon and bought 2x4 AA battery holders. I swapped out the original battery holder on the furthest transmitter as an experiment and, yup, it really did increase the...
  2. Dakota Alert MURS MAT

    I did some initial look-ups on the Yagi idea. I have some experience with them for the cell booster and know one for 151 mhz must be specific for the frequency. I found a design program but can't use it with a Linux Chromebook. I can conceal a Yagi due to other obstructions at ground level.
  3. Dakota Alert MURS MAT

    Now that the deciduous trees have leafed out along with everything else the MURS signal has faded. I did install a J-pole antenna for the receiver and that helped but my most distant transmitter is so close to the edge that some times it receives and some not. I don't have a good, concealable...
  4. Dakota Alert MURS MAT

    I was wondering how this would work and it has played out: The Catahoulas have figured out that "Alert Zone (x)" is worth their attention - they wake up. They go to the glass door in waiting and watching. They already know a zone 1 announcement means someone is at the front gate and they can see...
  5. ALERT! Gun Bills to be heard on 3-19-2019! Rally at the State House, PLEASE come!

    We are in our own fight in Klickitat County, WA - probably right on the same priority. TG there are some local sheriffs what are standing strong to not enforce a law passed by the majority of voters in WA state: I-1639. But the majority is along the populated, extremely liberal I5 corridor and...
  6. Dakota Alert MURS MAT

    TY. I'm certainly not of NE heritage and my NY wife continuously reminds that my that my perspective and roots are more than a few hundred years short of the original colonys' accomplishments. That being said, I just enjoy like minded people, wherever they might be.
  7. Dakota Alert MURS MAT

    Actually Catahoulas are really++ head strong, task oriented and people lovers unless you are a feral hog, squirrel, predator, etc. I'm sure someone could teach one to be people mean but it's just not normal. Fortunately the aggressive tendencies work well to keep people in their vehicle and...
  8. Dakota Alert MURS MAT

    This dude will give you notice. There are three more. But notice before a problem is key.
  9. Dakota Alert MURS MAT

    Go for it. The output is in place but will not differentiate between field transmitters. In my case there are four transmitters - in which direction do I deploy the Catahoulas? I will not risk them to an unknown.
  10. Dakota Alert MURS MAT

    Nope. They are are only as good as the base unit is close to hear. But there is a relay out the back that could trigger a horn, etc.
  11. Dakota Alert MURS MAT

    BWAHHAH, yes, that works. We have four Catahoulas ready to rock and roll at a moment's notice. But these sensors can be a different kind of reliable alert, long range. The dogs are too valuable to let outside the perimeter.
  12. Dakota Alert MURS MAT

    Hi Folks. 1st post and new forum member. I purchased a Dakota Alert Base Station and two UV sensors a month ago and deployed them. These are truly the 1st long range devices I've seen that are affordable, wireless and actually work. So I bought two more sensors and an outside antenna to extend...
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