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  1. USAF High Frequency Global Communications System

    Yeah, it's probably some poor non-com enlisted person with a top secret / crypto clearance that's given a sheet of paper with a message on it to read over the air. Pretty sure the reader has no idea what they are transmitting but some US (or other country's) .mil / .gov asset or operative knows...
  2. USAF High Frequency Global Communications System

    Part of the way down this page are 4 recordings of some messages. Unless you have the codebook, you won't figure out what they're talking about. Still fascinating to listen to though...and when it appears that the shit may hit the fan (or has hit the fan as the case may be), they increase many...
  3. USAF High Frequency Global Communications System

    I don't really have a way of recording mostly one callsign calling another and then letter groups. I'll see if I can find an mp3 somewhere on line where they have been recorded. I know they are out there as I have listened to the recordings.
  4. We should be making plans

    I've been a "member" of AMRRON for a number of years...there used to be an HF (80 or 40 meters depending on time of year) net on Sunday nights with net control coming out of Georgia. They also do digital nets which I have monitored but never actively participated in. Propagation for the 80/40...
  5. We should be making plans

    Sorry that I didn't make it last night...except on weekends, 10pm is pretty late for me. I tried but fell asleep before the appointed hour. Maybe we can try this again this weekend again?
  6. We should be making plans

    I'll try to stay up late enough for this. I've never used Olivia but it can't be that much different than rtty. Is Olivia USB or LSB?
  7. We should be making plans

    The FCC gave him attention unlooked for to the point of harassment. He was instrumental in engineering and installing several high powered "Bible Beater" (his words) shortwave stations in the US and because most of their programming was religious and right wing (God forbid), he ran into...
  8. We should be making plans

    His issues with the FCC weren't ham related as such, he is a broadcast engineer too.
  9. We should be making plans

    There are quite a few frequencies close to the ham frequencies that are MARS frequencies (Military Auxiliary Radio System - Wikipedia) and actually quite a few freqs not too far from the ham freqs that are part of the USAF HF Global Comms System. One probably doesn't want to be screwing with...
  10. We should be making plans

    I'm using one here for the time being as I'm living with my son and his family until such time as we move out west this fall. It works OK...I still really liked my open wire fed 264' doublet that was up about 60' at the house we sold this past September but my daughter in law doesn't want wires...
  11. We should be making plans

    I wish I could lay claim to it but alas, I can't. First time I heard it was by a friend of mine who is also a ham and has very little regard for that alphabet organization.
  12. We should be making plans

    Also, if you get your license now, it's still free...eventually the feces (FCC) will be charging $35 for a license (New or renewed). I don't know when the fee is scheduled to go into effect but probably not that far off in the future.
  13. We should be making plans

    I have been a nominal member of this for some years and they have some good information on their site...Sometimes I think they might be a bit tin foilish (perhaps not, now that we are where we are in time) but I used to participate in their 40 and 75 meter nets. I haven't for a while because of...
  14. First radio suggestions??

    Just about every dollar spent on electronics ends up in China these days.
  15. First radio suggestions??

    Glad I could help ;)
  16. First radio suggestions??

    I bought my handhelds from B-Tech (also Baofengtech). They are an authorized importer and in my experience, do stand by their products. I have two "tri-band" B-Tech Baofengs as well as a couple of other handhelds from Yaesu and Icom, older models. I like the B-Techs...not as rugged as my older...
  17. USAF High Frequency Global Communications System

    The HFGCS frequencies have been very busy the past week or so. Best freqs to listen to are 11.175 and 8.992 MHz both on upper sideband. It's not constant chatter but way more than I've heard in years... Overview...
  18. CWops Academy - Beginner

    I've heard of CWops Academy but never checked them out until you mentioned it here . I am going to plan on signing up for the April/May session. I used to do CW quite a bit but for some reason about 30 years ago I stopped when I started working at HRO in Salem. I am thinking about getting back...
  19. Near-Fest Idiocy

    So true...I think a lot of it comes from the “self policing” mentality of the hobby, plus it seems there is an over abundance of law enforcement types (and wannabes) of many different stripes as well as many first responder types that are strangely attracted to ham radio and many have this...
  20. Near-Fest Idiocy

    Or less...
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