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  1. Glock 20 average price in MA?

    i got one for sale if your interested pm me
  2. **Governor Patrick Files New Gun Control Legislation**

    this guys really really sucks we should all flee to south dakota because this state has to many libral a**h***s
  3. Night stand guns

    i keep a glock 20 loaded under one of the pillows on my bed that way if anyone was ever in my room they cant see my grabbing it untill its to late and no i dont sleep with my hand on the trigger and its not the pillow i sleep on so thats for all the idiots that are going to make stupid comments...
  4. need some help

    i just bought an sks and was wondering how i'd find out when it was imported into country and state i was told that if it was before 1988 then i could posses the 30rnd mags legally? appreicate any info on the subject thanks
  5. First impressions of my XDm40...

    i want one of those! i need to get out of m.a
  6. drunk guy shot dead >>

    I live in a small town with my family and someones been running up to the doors and windows of my house and has been kicking and punching them between 12:30 a.m and 2a.m scaring my mother and sister the other night someone was trying to open my bulkhead to the basement it might just be kids...
  7. looking for some info

    do you think thats the same with the aluminium cases?
  8. looking for some info

    i bought a glock 20 about a month ago and can only find federal hollow points and i was told not to fire them through this gun because they have a fc on the bottom of the casing but i just figured that stood for federal cartridge co. they warned me these bullets could detonate my gun? any info...
  9. Bullet-proof vest fails. OMG

    these are the type of f***ing idiots that screw things for the rest of us. but it was pretty funny
  10. Blazer ammunition

    i've shot a couple thousand rounds of it through my 45 and had no problem. but a buddy of mine has had alot of ftfs out of his 40. maybe its just that cal. though i'd throw that out there
  11. GLOCK 20

  12. GLOCK 20

    i just bought a glock 20 second gen for $500.00 and it came with two high cap drop free mags and it had just came back from glock but the prices of these gun jump all over the place i'd shop around if i was you
  13. I spent money today

    when your right your right
  14. I spent money today

    obama sucks everyone wanted the guy only difference between him and bush is at least bush would come out and say what he was doing and tell you to bad obama couldn't even fess up to smoking for christ sakes and the bill for government controlled health care is a joke it's really so that anyone...
  15. LTC - Unrestricted in Lowell, MA?????

    you should contact a lawyer about that
  16. 10mm????

    i just bought a glock 20 hows the 20sf model is there any difference in proformace?
  17. 10mm????

    does any one know where theres good prices on 10mm ammo? in the boston area
  18. Most inexpensive MA legal handgun?

    if moneys important he could always get the new ruger .380 you can pick one up for $325 new ive been told. but i dont own one just offering ideas
  19. S

    screw you

    screw you
  20. M&P 45?

    even though thats already in the laws i wouldn't go giving them any more ammo against people owning certain guns
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