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  1. Alternative to Hoppes

    I dont now how anyone likes the smell of Hoppes, to me it smells toxic. Then again i love the smell of fresh pavement.
  2. Perun x16 new possible 5.56 coming that could be useful in MA

    There is only so much you can do with the firearms technology we have. The problem with new innovation is that it comes with a price, a price most people won't pay. People were always of the "simple works" belief. Now people want crazy new technology but refuse to pay for it. You cant have it...
  3. Perun x16 new possible 5.56 coming that could be useful in MA

    Looks like all you have to do is butcher one of your lowers and your good to go, so not unobtanium, unless the upper is ridiculous monies. Buy the upper as complete i think.? Im not seeing the benefit here, what am i missing? Where is the innovation?
  4. Anyone got a fostech echo 2 ?

    I went with the fostech for reliability, but....I'm having issues with it in semi- auto, trigger pull nothing happens, then it fired at one point when I took it off safe. I need to mess with it more to really see what happened, being extra careful of course. I contacted them. I need to send it in.
  5. Anyone got a fostech echo 2 ?

    I grabbed one for $325 on Armslist, still in the package.
  6. Drop in AR trigger recommendations

    I have a Black Rain drop in and its super nice.
  7. 7.62x51 / 308 Semi-auto options

    Well I honestly can't say I've ever bought something I actually regretted purchasing. I've never gone into a gun shop and walked out with an impulse purchase, and been like, " I'm an idiot, what have I done?" Most of my purchases are impulsive but they do make sense, to me anyway. Living in...
  8. 7.62x51 / 308 Semi-auto options

    Agreed. The OP doesnt want anything high end, and doesnt want the Ar platform. I dont have a purpose for all my purchases.
  9. 7.62x51 / 308 Semi-auto options

    How accurate does he need to be? I think thats a good question before ruling out guns do to accuracy. The 2 most accurate guns on the list are the SCAR and the AR10. Both will shoot MOA or better, with proper ammo and a good shooter. It sounds like hes just buying to own, not for anything...
  10. School me on 10mm.

    Well compared to Underwood 180 grain 10mm, and the Buffalo Bore 45 185 grain +p, your looking at 150 fps higher and about 130ish ftlbs higher on the 10mm, that's nothing to sneeze at. Will the Bear drop any faster?, who knows. But you will have a few more rounds in the mag if you went Glock 20.
  11. CZ Bren 2 308

    As long as you can find an FFL to transfer it behind enemy lines, it should cost you what the free staters pay.
  12. Which .45 Shield would you buy, ported or not?

    Well it's not as earth shattering as it's been made out to be in this thread, or im sure in many other threads across the interwebs.
  13. Which .45 Shield would you buy, ported or not?

    Unless i'm in a fire fight at the infamous O.K.Corral, im not going to worry about it too much for self defense. The odds of me using it in a self defense situation where im emptying mag after mag and cursing myself in between mags for having ported the barrel, is snails teeth. There are cops...
  14. Which .45 Shield would you buy, ported or not?

    Sadly, they used one brand of ammo. Someone needs to tell them flash reducing defense ammo is available. I learned never to use Seller and Bellot in my ported home defense gun barrel, if i owned one.
  15. Which .45 Shield would you buy, ported or not?

    Well leave muzzle flash off the list. Like I said before, There are brands of self defense ammo that reduce muzzle flash significantly. 45 may be a lower pressure than magnum rounds, but regardless, your letting off some gases whether you like it or not. Yes, it will most likely not make a...
  16. Which .45 Shield would you buy, ported or not?

    Porting flash is only a problem depending on what type of ammo used. There are certain brands of self defense ammo that have flash reduced powder. Jerry Miculek swears by porting, for competition, and doesn't see an issue with it for self defense. If jerry likes a flat shooting gun, i do to. i...
  17. Any Colt M4 (LE6940) experts here, how to validate an early serial number?

    I called Colt about a serial number since it didnt pop up on the online search, they said the online lookup caters more towards the old revolvers, very few rilfes are in that database i was told.
  18. Bolt Fluting

    Believe it or not, flutes do allow you to have very close bolt clearance and still be able to move the bolt easily because of reduced contact surface area.
  19. Bolt Fluting

    Indirectly, From it being lightened up a bit. i should have been more specific. Not like its a game changer by any stretch.
  20. Best stock trigger on an AR-15?

    I have a drop in Black Rain thats pretty nice.
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