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  1. Should the State House be Passing Legislation While Closed to the Public?

    Like it makes any difference any more but what does the MA State Constitution say?
  2. Help Save My Hens

    It's funny you bring this up because I asked the same question to the fish hatchery attendant. He said that it was a lot easier for talons to get caught in netting than a single string. Made sense to me. I guess they see the string and fly away. They actually set it up so the strings are about...
  3. Help Save My Hens

    Actually, if you have a fenced in chicken yard, run twine back and forth across the top of the fence spaced every 6 or so inches. The larger predator birds see that and won't fly through it...something I learned from a caretaker at a fish hatchery. Actually works very well.
  4. Help Save My Hens friend was basically a kid, maybe 20-21 years old going to tech school, learning a trade. His dad had passed a way a few years before and he was living with his mom and sister on a dead end dirt road here in NH. He had seen it several times over the course of a month or so. He had lost...
  5. Help Save My Hens

    a rat trap will catch a weasel...if you bait it correctly.
  6. Help Save My Hens

    A couple of years ago, a friend of mine was having problems with a good sized black bear raiding his chicken coop...He ended up sealing off the windows, adding strength to the door...basically turning the coop into a fortress. He heard a commotion a few nights later...the bear had torn down the...
  7. So, they're afraid of everyone

    When government fears the people, there is liberty...
  8. Airlines banning checked firearms on flights to DC ahead of inauguration

    It'll look like a nazi rally
  9. New Law Firm Opening In Concord, NH (February 2021)

    That would be a great win for her....I didn't see her name in the article (I only scanned it quickly so I may have missed it).
  10. New Law Firm Opening In Concord, NH (February 2021)

    I've no "legal" experience with her either though I have met her a couple of times...not real impressed and every time her name comes up in gun owner's circles the question is almost always raised, "Has she ever won a case"? It would give me pause to retain her.
  11. Police: 18-year-old shot dead by CCW holder during robbery attempt in Columbus OH

    I'm going to go with three chances...fat, slim and none.
  12. 2020 - Over 23 Million Firearms Sold - Bonanza!

    80 what??? never heard of 'em.
  13. N/D Of The Week

    Another Dindu...
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