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  1. Forum Update

    We just completed a major update to the current version of the forum software - some features may be missing or incomplete over the next few hours as I continue to tweak things. The major change that will be visible to you, the end-user, is the text editor, which has been updated to be more...
  2. Forum Transition FAQ / Guide

    I'll be updating this thread as time permits, and people make suggestions - please use the Tech Support Forum for help, but if you have suggestions on things to add here, feel free to post below. First off, some of the new features of the forum include: It's not 10 year old, bug ridden, never...
  3. Green Member Issues

    Hi All - I'm slowly going through and making some manual changes to green members that may result in temporary issues with either access to the member's area, or display of your "Green" username. If you have any issues related to your subscription, please send me a PM or post here. Thanks.
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