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  1. Deals and steals

    Try one more time., please: Navalny's Underwear Poisoning Takes Over the Russian Internet
  2. Deals and steals

    Reptile, you, oligarch? How much for "scented" underwear?
  3. Gun-toting congresswoman-elect may carry Glock at Capitol

    Useless info. We will be issued Made in China plastic shovels in gulags, but the daily norm will be for stainless steel shovels Made in Solingen, Germany.
  4. Forum Update

    Is the connection to Dominion machines alive now? Asking for my friend Xi.....
  5. Looking for a new Cary gun

    Shield in the summer, Beretta 92fs now. You need a good belt. I buy them from Hanks Belts. Beretta requires a vest which also holds extra mags. Do not go by a gun. Go by your outfit. That matters. You do not want to look like Robert de Niro in Taxi Driver. :oops: Nowadays make sure your car is...
  6. ATF Identifies another illegal shoulder brace. Demands Bassproshops stop selling
  7. How many guns can you CCW in MA?

    OP, you are fine here. Just avoid Texas!
  8. With the election day/night coming up

    That may work.
  9. What to expect if The Liberals win

    What a country! Akubuike said her life experience has shown her that people have unequal access to justice. Having seen things from a position of being underprivileged, Akubuike says she believes...
  10. Best Semi_Automatic rifle IN MA

    [slap] Girls, stop whispering exotic into her ear! This forum should never become just another neglected laptop. [slap]
  11. Best Semi_Automatic rifle IN MA

    You forgot to invite OP to our First Massachusetts Post-Covid 19 Meet & Greet:
  12. Best Semi_Automatic rifle IN MA

    Rumour has it that the delayed election results upgrade will become available after November 3rd. But that can be just another fake news.
  13. Best Semi_Automatic rifle IN MA

    One has to ask first who feeds OP? [rolleyes]
  14. Best Semi_Automatic rifle IN MA

    Newbie landing quickie. [wave]
  15. Gun, ammo shortage. problem

    I am the SOB who purchased the last 4 Smith & Wesson M&P Compact .40 magazines at LAPG. [dance]
  16. Request your firearms transaction history In MA

    What firearms? [rolleyes]
  17. Went to first gun "buyback"

    Too bad we did not send OP to Australia when their Mission Accomplished was going on.
  18. Went to first gun "buyback"

    OP, unless you are enjoying a pubic assistance program, you do realize this is your tax money being wasted on useless projects, don't you? It is an equivalent of robbing yourself and posting about it on your local police Twitter account.
  19. Hanks belts anyone use one?

    I have 11 of them. I like Bison the best. It is quite thick. Great service! Never had an issue. I also buy when they have their "not-so-perfect" sale.
  20. Newbie

    That is right. I go there after midnight to avoid cowboys.
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