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  1. At home internet speeds

    My cabin in rural WI has 128kbps DSL, and that's the best we can get :( Crossing my fingers for Starlink.
  2. At home internet speeds

    That should definitely help with your Netflix issue, as well. I've found QoS (what your router is calling prioritization) largely useless with the speeds that most people (including you) have at home, these days. If you continue to have issues, I'd try disabling that system entirely - it's...
  3. At home internet speeds

    What does that 'prioritization' page look like in your router settings?
  4. At home internet speeds

    Have to ask the obvious question - have you tried restarting the router? Second question - any settings changed recently - primarily, anything to do with QoS?
  5. Forum Update

    It matches the current logo now - it was inadvertently never changed when we flipped logos a while back. I'll see what I can do about making it a bit more visually distinct in its miniature form.
  6. Forum Update

    Thanks! FYI - the alerts counting down as you click them is technically a bug as it currently stands, and will be reverted back to the old behavior in the next couple of days. There is an option, however, in your preferences that will make them behave as they currently do (once the fix goes into...
  7. Membership renewal?

    Covered here : account upgrade expiring email
  8. Forum Update

    For the sake of troubleshooting, can you clear your cache/cookies, and force-close Chrome and see if this is reproduceable? Edit: There are a couple other bug reports from this on the XF forums, so I'm fairly certain it's not just you. The common link appears to be the default keyboard shipped...
  9. Forum Update

    ~200GB including attachments, which aren't stored in the DB, but... because you asked.
  10. Forum Update

    The full images will display if your viewport is large enough to support them - it's dynamic based on the device/browser/window size - the thumbnails are an attempt to make the page(s) load faster on mobile, primarily, with the obvious tradeoff of quality that we're seeing now. I'll keep...
  11. Forum Update

    Thanks. I might need to bump it up one more notch after this rebuild is done.
  12. Forum Update

    @chris_1001 - does this thread look better? These attachments have the new quality setting (old ones are still rebuilding, but recent posts should now be improved).
  13. Forum Update

    Thank you. I'm rebuilding the thumbnails in the background at a higher quality - it's gonna take a few hours but hopefully this should resolve the issue.
  14. Forum Update

    Hmm, I don't believe anything was changed here. Can you point me to a thread that you're seeing this in?
  15. Forum Update

    I am not quite sure how you're drawing any connection to that. Some of you guys have your tinfoil hats on a bit too tight 😀 This has been in the works for ~3 months now.
  16. Forum Update

    Dark style fixed - I accidentally imported the incorrect color scheme... should be back to what it used to be.
  17. Forum Update

    Gotta keep everyone on their feet.
  18. Forum Update

    We just completed a major update to the current version of the forum software - some features may be missing or incomplete over the next few hours as I continue to tweak things. The major change that will be visible to you, the end-user, is the text editor, which has been updated to be more...
  19. Embedded pictures won't populate?

    Continuing to work through some stuff in the background on this - please keep the examples coming!
  20. Embedded pictures won't populate?

    Well that doesn't make troubleshooting difficult, at all :) Please swing back here and let me know if you see another example
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