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  1. gun shops suing state after Baker’s closure order

    Surprised I didn't see this posted yet. Mark Bouchard, owner of Westport’s Shooting Supply on State...
  2. 4 minutes of Chicago

    Wow. This is insane.
  3. shelter in place BCC.

    BCC Fall River on lockdown. Reports of someone with a weapon.
  4. come on people, everyone vote!

    only a couple hours left! ends at midnight. lets help one of our own. Wedding to Remember: Kari and Bryan - Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston
  5. babes with guns

    Photos of hot girls with guns : theBRIGADE lots of safety violations, but some very sexy guns.
  6. Tactical response training

    I know there some negative opinions on James Yeager on this board but has anyone participated in one of his classes? It would be pretty cool to take a class. My club won't allow it but maybe someone else's club would...
  7. New gun shop opening!

    Within the next couple weeks Ephesian Arms will be opening in Fall River MA. I stopped in there today and the shop is very nice! And the owner is a super nice guy. I know you guys don't care about reading about how cool some place is. so you can decide for yourself! Ephesian Arms Inc. They...
  8. how did other states do?

    Other than new engand how did others do with the rally? The south and west?
  9. $50 Home Firearm Safety class

    For anyone, friends or family that attend the rally tomorrow at the state house. I normally charge $80 so why not encourage anyone who wants the class to go show support. I can schedule the class within a week. All you need to do is take a pic with your phone of yourself with the...
  10. since we will be felons in the near future. where can I get full auto?

    I always here about the "black market". How do I find it? Since we all are going to be criminals pretty soon I figure why not have a military M4. How many others are thinking the same thing? The mexican cartel better start shipping some more over. They will sell like hot cakes!
  11. another tax thread. but about guns

    How many people pay sales tax when they purchase a firearm on a FA10? Couldnt this be a easy way to get people on tax fraud since they have records of fa10 purchases?
  12. Flint Armament open in Freetown!

    figure i would let everyone know. the new shop in freetown is open. 1 chase road. the plaza near the rotary, they don't have signs up yet but it is next to the Trading post and the Candy Jar. Stock is a little low, but slowly growing, I think they are having a hard enough time...
  13. Underwood ammo!!

    Anyone here use it? I bought some 10mm 180gr JHP and 155 JHP. Cases were starline brass as well! Talk about some punch! Kevin the owner is a nice guy also. I don't think they ship to MA, I just had them shipped to a buddy in RI.
  14. MA state police instructor cert wait time?

    I mailed my NRA cert and my application about 4 weeks ago. I was told it normally takes 2 weeks for it to go through. How long has people waited for the state police to issue their instructor cert? I have been checking my online banking and they haven't even cashed my check yet. Should...
  15. Eastern security branded safe. Anyone have one?

    Well yesterday the wife and I went to eastern security and safe in mendon. They had so many pretty safes Does anyone have any expirence with there own brand "eastern security" safes? The quality and price seamed very nice to me.
  16. (update post #31) aimpoint PRO battery dead, after 6 months?

    i got a Aimpoint PRO from the group buy we had during the summer. after the range i usually turn the optic off. last weekend i went shooting and left the optic on. brightness setting 8. today i went to the range and the battery was dead. i am awaiting a email from Aimpoint. has...
  17. Revolver recommendation.

    I don't have one yet and want a revolver for my next purchase. I am leaning real hard on a S&W 686. This will mainly be a range gun but possibly a carry gun, I think I want at least a 4" barrel. I also bring a lot of new shooters to the range so I think the 38 special would be good for...
  18. Kahr PM40 soon to be mass compliant

    My girlfriend called Kahr today to get a new recoil spring for her PM40 and the person on the phone asked her "how did you get that so soon?" she was a bit confused and told him she bought it used. He replied "my mistake, I thought you got the new MA compliant version that will be available...
  19. Attorney/Lawyer what do people use?

    I always hear that if you found yourself in trouble dont speak to police and talk to a lawyer. But I actually don't have a attorney, or a number for one. Does anyone keep a lawyers number on them just in case? Can anyone recommend a good lawyer or maybe a NES member who is a lawyer? I did...
  20. Feather 22lr rifle?

    My moms boyfriend has a feather arms 22lr rifle/carbine. He said he would trade me the rifle for a set of crimson trace grips for his ruger 101 revolver. Now I don't think it's a fair deal and told him that but he doesn't care. It looks very clean, and has the colapsible wire stock, and a 20...
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