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  1. C'Mere Deer Corn Coat.

    Interesting Joseph. My sister used to live in Lawrenceville but has since moved to Flowery Branch.
  2. C'Mere Deer Corn Coat.

    Where in Georgia? Have Family there and often think of relocating there. -kg
  3. Just moved to Chelmsford, MA

    Thanks for the suggestions. Lots to choose from.
  4. Just moved to Chelmsford, MA

    I'm off of rt 27 near Acton/Carlisle, So maybe Acton or Harvard.
  5. Just moved to Chelmsford, MA

    Can anyone recommend a local club? -kg
  6. Taxidermist?

    I've been using Northeast Taxidermy in Middletown CT for many years and have always received quality work. Twice the ride you're looking for, but the results are certainly worth it. Fish Mounts | Northeast Taxidermy Studios - J&L Pitruzzello & Co. -kg
  7. 2017/18 Hunting Thread!!

    A beauty for sure.
  8. Hog Hunt with my Boy

    That's awesome. Congrats!
  9. Taxidermy Restoration

    I would check with NE Taxidermy and see if they do restorations. -kg
  10. Learn to Fly Fish with Orvis

    These guys are good also.
  11. affordable fly fishing gear?

    One of my first setups is the LL Bean double L combo. I like it a lot and LL Bean have been great about spooling the backing and fly line on. -kg
  12. 2016 Hunting Thread

    They're out there...
  13. Binocular Harnesses

    I have the Bass Pro ones (Red Head) didn't like them. I have the badlands ones, which do a nice job keeping the clean if you're on a long trip, but they're bulky. I have the Nikon ones, similar to some of the others mentioned, and I like them best.
  14. Powerbelt fail, what muzzleloading bullet do you use?

    Ditto. But I have the CVA Accura V2.
  15. 2016 Hunting Thread

    What outfitter did you use? Oregon was a bust for me this year, I'd like to try somewhere else.
  16. 2016 Hunting Thread

    I haven't, and I live close. There's a lot of pheasant hunters out there right now.
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