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  1. New Acquisitions August 2020- Firearms only.

    Figured i'd start off August with some American Steel. Picked up this morning. Smith &Wesson 19-5 .357mag
  2. New Acquisitions June 2020 - Firearms Only

    Im pretty sure the bags only come with the tactical version.
  3. New Acquisitions June 2020 - Firearms Only

    S&W 629-1 44 magnum.
  4. New Acquisitions June 2019

    Top Is an Archon Type B with factory PVD coated slide. And a glock 43. Don't panic, Maura. That long mag is a 10 rounder from an Arsenal strike one. 10 rounders for the Archon haven't been released yet.
  5. New Acquisitions March 2019

    Arsenal Strike One, with a Steiner green laser light combo. I've lusted over the Strike One since it came out My life is complete...
  6. Show us your Snipers and Hunting Rifles

    Remmy 700 AAC SD slapped into a Masterpiece Arms Chassis. Haven't even shot it yet..
  7. Show us your .308's Semi-Autos

    Scar 17 with Vortex Viper PST 2.5-10x32.
  8. New Acquisitions for October, 2016

    Picked this up from a fellow NES'r last week. Remington 700 AAC-SD attached to a Masterpiece Arms Competition chassis, Vortex Crossfire 6-24x50 scope.
  9. Built to travel Colt Officer

    That thing is gorgeous!
  10. Spiffed Up TRP...

    Damn that's clean looking, very nice.
  11. New Acquisitions - February 2016

    I want to see the SR-25 on a scale
  12. New Acquisitions - February 2016

    I'll take a Scar for $1k less. The scar will have lower recoil, due to the sheer weight of the bolt carrier and where the carrier is located. The KAC Is still a gas gun, no more reliablr thsn my colt 6920, which is fine and is plenty reliable, but the SCARs operation is built in way to be a more...
  13. New Acquisitions - February 2016

    Nice Queen!!! I thought ud be getting urs first.. We'll have to have a SCAR
  14. New Acquisitions - February 2016

    If u went to a Gap 10 u didn't buy a battle rifle, you bought a precision rifle, clearly u went for accuracy rather than overall performance, recoil, reliability, weight, and accuracy as a whole, the scar can attain less than 1" with good ammo, The scar excels in all categories as a battle rifle...
  15. New Acquisitions - February 2016

    2nd amendment arms in Winham, Nh
  16. New Acquisitions - February 2016

    Im so sick of hearing about price price price.....Im sure FN could easily make it match with a full coat of fde cerakote. The upper is anodized aluminum (looks green in actuality), the stock and lower are colored polymer, so u wont get consistent color depending who made the lower and stock. I...
  17. New Acquisitions - February 2016

    Just picked up my SCAR 17. Various Parker Mountain Machine accessories, Magpul grip, Geissele Super SCAR trigger, Troy forward grip.
  18. New Acquisitions January 2016

    Im going with a Battlecomp on mine, always been happy with them.
  19. New Acquisitions December 2015

    Awesome setup, i picked up the same Spikes billet set a few years ago and slowly putting together a build. Also very interested in the MRO, ive heard nothing but good reviews. TC Armory on youtube beat the crap out of it and it held up ok considering what he did to it.
  20. New Acquisitions - October 2015

    Love GSD's, miss mine, good luck with him.
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