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  1. Thoughts on Mossberg Semi Auto 930s?

    Anyone have any experience with the Mossberg 930s? Looking for a general purpose field gun. I looked at the Remington VersaMax, but the price is way over the top. B
  2. Maine State Service Rifle Championship & EIC match

    Congratulations to Jasper, who won the Maine State Service Rifle Championship on Saturday with a 786 - 34X. In addition he won the Excellence in Competition match with a 489- 12X. That makes two first place finishes in EIC matches for Jasper this year. Congratulations also go out to Jasons...
  3. What is the longest distance you have shot a rifle at?

    What is the longest distance you have shot at? Yes hit the target! Longest distance for myself was 1000 yards. EDIT: Sorry took a while to get the poll done. EDIT #2: I've got two Molsen XXX's in me. Don't expect the poll <> to work out correctly. [thumbsup] EDIT#3: A rifle! 5 inch naval...
  4. Lee Classic Cast Review

    I've been reloading since the late 1980s. My first press was a tried and true RCBS Rock Chucker II. I still have it, but when I first got it back 20+ years ago I thought there has got to be a better way to deal with the primers. Well I put up with the crappy design until four weeks ago when I...
  5. Can Female Athletes Compete Against Men? In Shooting, Yes—But Not in the Olympics

    Feb. 23, 2012 WSJ Interesting article. I see no reason that they should not be allowed to compete head to head but I think some of the events, the COF is more physically demanding. I'd also like to see if they are going to have a quota system for males and females or is it just going to be...
  6. Potential Training Opportunity - Detroit

    There is something about this, and I just can't seem to put my finger on it. [thinking] I can't tell if it's real and just really really bad, or if it's LARP. B
  7. U.S. Rifleman's Assoc?

    So how has the local RWVA group fared with the recent night of the long knives that happened in Illinois? I hear a new group is spinning off called U.S. Rifleman's Association. All I heard about was that Fred required some kind of loyalty oath and several volunteers told him to take a hike...
  8. Challenging boar hunting shots - Impressive shooting

    This was some impressive shooting IMO [bow] B
  9. Unfired LC 5.56 brass on sale

    Not that I'm going to be doing a lot of service rifle shooting, but I just could not pass up this deal on unfired Lake City brass. Natchez has it on sale. $219 / 2000. Shipping was kind of expensive though $32. Worked out to be about 13 cents a case. It was all 2011 manufacture. B
  10. Eight & Two @ 200 Yards - Someone has been eating their Wheaties!

    Nice job Pat. [smile] B
  11. New Match Rifle for HP -

    Ok, I know most will not be interested but I know a few of you will drool over this. It's been a while since I have had a rifle set up exactly the way I want it. I'm getting ready to get back into this game hard-core and I needed a rifle set up perfectly so I can concentrate on breaking clean...
  12. USPSA - Presidential Election

    I have a ballot and no real idea who I should or should not vote for. Mike Voigt Sam Keen Alan Meek Phil Strader Jerry Westcott Any recommendations or words of caution? PM is fine. Thanks
  13. Camp Perry Fun with R. Lee Ermey

    For those of you that don't know, The Gunny is an active HP competitor and shoots with all the guys at Perry just like a regular guy. Check out this cool video. B
  14. Dr. Joseph Westphal - Fmr. U. Maine System Chancellor

    I had no idea that he was chosen to the an Undersecretary of the Army. He helped out the CMP with the First Shot Ceremony at Camp Perry in July. B
  15. Banner Ads?

    If I'm going to place an order from Brownells/Sinclairs does it help if I first click through the banner ad? Does NES get a slice of the pie so to speak? B
  16. Eric England, Master Sergeant, U.S.M.C.

    From the Union County Historical Society in Blairsville, Georgia. There is also a great link in the story to the rifle he used in 1968 when he was on the USMC Shooting Team. "Old Yeller" currently resides at the National Firearms Museum. Winchester Pre64 M70 Dunlap style stock 30-06...
  17. Torque Wrench Driver Bits

    I have this nice metric Anschutz torque wrench. The driver itself is 4mm and the shank that fits into the wrench is a nominal 8mm. I think that's 5/16th. I can't seem to find any bit sets with that shank diameter. I must be an idiot, because everything on google comes up with 1/4 driver. I'd...
  18. NRA Mid & Long Range F- Class shooting Karma

    I'm going to do some F-class shooting this year and you are invited. I've got several matches on the calendar this year. I have to work up some loads and chronograph them and make sure everything is ready for prime time. For the most part, Long Range shooting involves shooting the rifles...
  19. The Rifleman's Journal

    The Rifleman's Journal has some excellent information about reloading. Most of it is related to competitive long range rifle shooting, but is has a fantastic amount of history and other information. I learn something every time I read posts. A number of years ago the German (the blog owner)...
  20. Sinclair International YouTube Channel

    Sinclair International made an eight segment video on reloading. Great information for even experienced re-loaders! Enjoy! B
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