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  1. Finishing an 80% lower

    Group buy anyone??
  2. Worman v. Baker (MA AWB) Oral Arguments 1-9-2019

    lets get a group buy on some 80% lowers, some jigs and some machinist together and make some magic happen and put all this behind us??
  3. What are the most desired non-mass compliant handguns?

    Thanks guys for the replies. This is true, and most of the non mass compliant guns are over the 10 round mag capacity limit!!! LIke the glocks and xds and the FNP .45 Tactical.
  4. What are the most desired non-mass compliant handguns?

    which glock type is most desired? I heard someone say the 19 gen4?
  5. What are the most desired non-mass compliant handguns?

    What are the most desired non-mass compliant handguns? Also, what is the avg. asking price for them in MASS?
  6. Linked .308 Rounds?

    there pre ban cloth belts. [wink] how are they going to tell the date on cloth belts? Carbon date them?
  7. Linked .308 Rounds?

    Very true, thanks guys for your help!!
  8. Linked .308 Rounds?

    should I declear I have them in the bag tho or just throw it in there and hope for the best???
  9. Linked .308 Rounds?

    I hope these are new belts and have no gunpowder residue on them as I will be takin this back in an airplane to mass in my check in bag!!!
  10. Linked .308 Rounds?

    I can ship a 1919 Browning M2 Tripod to my house in Mass, but I can't ship a cloth .30 cal belt with no ammo in it?????[rolleyes] GO figure
  11. Linked .308 Rounds?

    I won't tell anybody, if one happens to show up on my 1919.[smile]
  12. Linked .308 Rounds?

    your right I read the website wrong, but they are still hard to find one and they are expensive. I believe if you do not copy the patent exactly your ok.
  13. Linked .308 Rounds?

    wow, Thats a mighty offer warwickben. If you make it you can shoot it. [laugh2] thanks
  14. Linked .308 Rounds?

    crank trigger would be pretty nasty if I can find one, the Crank Fire has have gone out of business.[sad]
  15. Linked .308 Rounds?

    ya I am just shooting it for my enjoyment maybe a couple hundred rounds now and then that's all I can afford. thanks for the heads up on the M60 links.
  16. Linked .308 Rounds?

    I been waiting three long torturous years to build this lump of metal into a functional 1919, I think I payed my dues to shoot it and have some fun?[laugh]
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