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  1. Gun shops in New Hampshire ***map***

    I have not.... Google changed the format with maps I BELIEVE. And I have been unable to edit/add places for quite some time.
  2. Aiming for Zero "Sounds of Freedom" 4X2 Match

    t's official, the total donation made to Active Heroes - Aiming For Zero from the proceeds of the Aiming For Zero 4x2 Sounds of Freedom match and accompanying activities this past weekend was more that $10,000!! Thank you to all those who participated in this effort. Thanks you to our...
  3. Aiming for Zero "Sounds of Freedom" 4X2 Match

    Ok putting my PROMOTIONAL HAT ON!!!! OK so you fall into 1 of two categories. YOu have nothing to do or too much to do on this upcoming Saturday or Sunday... Why not just make the best of it!!! First inaugural Aiming for Zero 4x2 match will be held at Pioneer Sportsman in dunbarton NH. I t...
  4. Gun shops in New Hampshire ***map***

    FIXED [smile]
  5. Gun shops in New Hampshire ***map***

    WOW thanks guys MANY adds a few deletes. UPDATED 7/10/2015
  6. Pioneer Steel Challenge Match May 2nd Registration Link

    Any update as it seems only category leaders show
  7. Gun shops in New Hampshire ***map***

    Thanks all Made all the updates. Since my last update on 1.10.15
  8. Bad News from New Bedford

    So sad to hear this. Just plain sucks. Many fond match memories at NB they did some great stuff with those "little" bays... Aaron
  9. Gun shops in New Hampshire ***map***

    UPDATED Thank you!!
  10. Gun shops in New Hampshire ***map***

    More than willing to update it... Got any add/deletes/move information?
  11. .45 1911 SSP 10 round magazines??

    In this case its more of a person than a IDPA thing... Admittedly I did have to google LULZ.... I could have asked ya but well I figured it out "somehow" :)
  12. Pioneer Fundraiser Steel Event

    That would be EPIC :) Aaron
  13. Home security systems

    Our level is $43 a month which is the middle level.. The lowest level is $34.00 a month And yes on the GE control panel
  14. Home security systems

    Went with Frontpoint. Got a smoking deal of the upfront cost of equipment. If you are an member they have a coupon for $199.99 with a $100 amazon GC rebate for the following. 10 Door/Window sensors 2 Motion 1 smoke/fire 1 glass break 1 Control panel 2 Keyfob remotes So in the...
  15. RSA 159:6-B moving to another County

    Thanks all. I also found this little gem on the web from Penny Dean , seems like an attorney . Short sweet and to the point... And ya... wondering how much they care...... Pursuant to RSA 159:6-b II I, Person x/, formerly of xxx Street, Concord, NH 03301 have moved to 1 Freedom Lane...
  16. RSA 159:6-B moving to another County

    Reading the inet and if there are any laws on notifying the PD when you move in NH. As we will be moving from hillsborough county where license was issued, to rockingham county shortly. YAY!!!! And found this... Looks like I have to notify the PD to the town I am moving to that I will be a...
  17. Who sells 1 1/2 inch belts great stuff...
  18. Pioneer IDPA Classifier on 7-19

    Just to set the record straight. DarrenL is a stand up guy. Without question you will see him helping out either with a clipboard or bringing out the heavy stuff in the AM or lugging it back in the PM. Another MWT jersey man right there :) But earthshine you are right... Shoot and scoot for...
  19. New England Gun Store Listings

    Added the new stores to the google maps if there are any changes that need to be made PM or post... I do not get to mass much more any more....
  20. MWT IDPA Practices?

    These words came from a MWT member???? When I speak of a member I am referring to anyone with a MWT techwear shirt. I think the only REQUIREMENT is that you are an HSC member if you lead a practice indoors or out.... The other comments, its not the MWT I know.... As you are EXACTLY right...
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