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  1. Urban 1911

    Seems like everyone wants an Officers or a CCO for daily carry. Fun little blasters with plenty of punch. Colt 1991 Officers all carbon steel treated with IonBond. BarSto barrel all new clockworks of barstock. Custom beavertail, crisp 4# trigger. Two matching Nighthawk mags. New Novak mega-dot...
  2. Derr Precision 2020 slideshow

    It's been a weird year, but a productive year. Let's hope things get back to reasonable shortly. View:
  3. WTS Estate sale revolvers, shotguns, rifles and muzzleloader.

    For Sale: Estate sale. Ruger Bisley Blackhawk 7.5 inch barrel blue in 45 LC Needs a rear sight repair and a good cleaning Used $600 Ruger Super Blackhawk 10.5 inch barrel blue in .44 mag . Needs rear sight repair and a good cleaning Used $600 Bennelli Nova 12 GA pump with 28 inch...
  4. Powder Sale

    2- Winchester Auto Comp 8# $170 1-Tac Rifle 8# $180 SOLD- Hodgdon CFE 223 8# $190 1-Accurate 2230 8# $190 1- ClayDot 8# $190 Local pick up in Marshfield on Friday or Saturday morning, cash sales only. PM me if you are interested. Greg Derr- Derr Precision
  5. WTB S&W Chiefs Special

    Looking for a hammer less revolver for a friend. Steel or Airweight is fine, .38 preferred
  6. Colt Commander, Burl and Bullfrog pics.

    A Colt Commander in .45 which went through a transformation. Kart barrel, EGW bushing under Heinie SlantPro sights and a serrated slide. The internals are all barstock from E2. Nick was meticulous in his stippling of the front strap, MSH and EGW grip safety. The project was finished in IonBond...
  7. Oktoberfest Colts

    Sibling Colts. A 10mm Delta Elite and a Colt .40 S&W. Both made in blue by Colt. These are part of the twelve gun "Caliber Project". Each of Colts factory made calibers. The build are all similar in features with new barrel, checkering, beavertail grip safeties, Chen Max Bevel MSH. BoMar style...
  8. Apprentice's First Build

    My son Nick,22 has been working in the shop while going to college. He makes money to pay for school, doing the grunt work in the shop. This is his first build. He came up with all the details and only needed a little help with a few machine processes. It started as a new production Colt Series...
  9. CWIS 1911, just in case

    This is a CWIS Close In Weapon System similar to what I make for SWAT teams. Its built on a Springer NM frame and slide. A custom Derr Precision barrel, high visibility 10-8 rear sight, Novak MegaDot front sight. All bar stock internals. 20 lpi checkering with a weld on mag well and MaxBevel...
  10. WW2 1911

    This happens a lot. If the firearm was originally manufactured with a serial number, it must have one. Now you can apply to the ATF *(local) office for an Order 3310.4C. That will allow for a new serial number to be engraved on the firearm. You must show the firearm to the ATF before hand and...
  11. FFL Burglary in Hampden County, MA

    I got the email alert.
  12. Off Life Support, Ready to Play

    Scars are our history. This Smith&Wesson Model 52-1 was the prized possession of a remarkable shooter. A woman who managed to compete when few did. A US Shooting Team member. The .38 was shot for many years across the country. It's was then put into retirement in Florida. Hurricane Irma...
  13. Ironwood and Hard Chrome Commander

    Member Patrick D. loves his Ironwood. He sent me a Colt Commander to build into his dream carry gun and provided the ironwood blanks for the grips. Flat topped and serrated with HD Retro rear sight and a Yost "gold line" front sight. Kart NM barrel and EGW thick flange bushing. Checkering is 20...
  14. Pair of Colt Lightweights

    Very nice!
  15. Pair of Colt Lightweights

    Let's see it. Done right it won't hurt the value.
  16. Pair of Colt Lightweights

  17. Pair of Colt Lightweights

    Colt lightweight Commanders in .38 Super and 9mm. The .38 is a 1950 and the 9mm from 1967. These are my favorite rollmarks from Colt. These are a part of the 12 gun "Caliber Project" One of each Colt production caliber. What's your favorite 1911 caliber?
  18. Good Wood

    A Colt new series Pre 70 fitted with a new.45 Kart NM barrel, buried BoMar style rear sight. C&S strong front sight. EGW ambi thumb safety, EGW grip safety. All new barstock internals. 25lpi checkering. The finish is brushed hard chrome with IonBond accents, finished off with Ebony double...
  19. WTB Colt 1903 or 1908

    Used is fine but not rust or deep scratches .380 a preference but also a .32 would work.
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