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  1. Daughters

  2. WTS Maadi Egyptian RML pre-94 AK 47

    Maadi Egyptian RML - AK 47 For sale is this pre-94 ban Egyptian Maadi AK 47 variant. This particular Maadi is a PARS International import. The model RML is one of a few names given to Egyptian AK 47 variants imported after the pre-89 Steyrs, prior to the CAI MISRs. PARS and ACC/Intrac imported...
  3. At least nine Americans killed in Mexican highway ambush

    Napalm a one mile stretch of the Mexican side right near where that happened. WTF
  4. WTS FEG SA 85m Hungarian AK Kassnar SPF !

    This Kassnar Imported, pre-89 ban rifle is in 99 percent condition, with one ding in the lower hand guard being the only flaw. These Hungarian AK variants were imported in small numbers and will not be imported again. These do not show up often, especially in this high condition. The rifle comes...
  5. Newbie

  6. Newbie

    You spelled “Maura” wrong....
  7. SOLD High Standard Sport King w/removable barrel

    High Standard Sport King High Standard Sport King | South Shore Guns This High Standard Sport King is in excellent condition and appears to be functional but it has not been test fired. Very nice plinker or target gun. This model has the removable barrel option. Comes with a single barrel...
  8. Model 60 unobtanium?

    Contact member Shotgun Willy.... he has a bud that has one for sale I believe.
  9. Sudden value increase!

    Some distributors are jacking up prices on us... I have 2 Ruger 57's I can't even post because I paid more for them than another dealer is selling them for. I don't want to lose/anger customers with the high price so..... looks like I'l be having a cowboy style holster made for the pair that I...
  10. Norinco mak 90 question

    Dave Santurri out of Attleboro. 401-726-1310
  11. Magazine Blocks to reduce capacity. Are they legal in MA?

    Seems the key is "readily converted". I would think epoxy would render that difficult to impossible. My interpretation- perfectly legal. My legal experience = Zero. :) QUOTE="oppressed, post: 5596397, member: 50926"] See this thread by Boris: MUST READ: Hi cap mags in every recycle bin...
  12. Call 508-631-1989 or visit me at

    Call 508-631-1989 or visit me at Transfer fees are 30 cash/35 credit card.
  13. WTS Colt New Frontier revolver ** price drop 375**

    PLEASE CALL OR TEXT FOR AN APPOINTMENT @ 508-631-1989 6. Colt New Fronteir in .22- nice case hardened finish- Colt New Frontier | South Shore Guns - ** $375 price dropped ** Several AK variants for sale at - click on the Shop tab is a licensed...
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