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  1. CMP 2020-21 Rulebooks are out

    FYI - Competition Rulebooks - Civilian Marksmanship Program Looks like cheekpads are officially allowed on M14/M1A/M1's with out for epic scope bite in prone ;)
  2. Free Fishing Weekend June 6& 7

    “I’m going out to fish,” Simon Peter told them, and they said, “We’ll go with you.” John 21:3-7 fyi - you don't need a fishing license this weekend in Mass! ps (ages 15-17 or 70+ you can get a free fishing license for the rest of...
  3. Intro to reloading videos

    From across the pond..... kind of a HDY infomercial...
  4. Varget shortage?

    Does anybody know where Varget is available? seems like everyplace is listing it as "out-of-stock"
  5. M1A/M14 scope mount

    fyi - if you're looking for a rugged, affordable scope mount for your M1A or M14 - this "Redneck Yankee" one is good. You JB-weld hex bar stock into it to fit your receiver exactly.... easy to do, & I got sighted in dead-nutz-on in 9 shots! M14 Forum
  6. Bring a Friend to the Range (Plus one from the NSSF)

    Good info from the NSSF - bring a friend/neighbor/co-worker to the range & pass on our fine American Traditions! Plus One Movement | NSSF Let's Go Shooting
  7. ABC's of Guns

    Need a Christmas/Hannukah present for the little ones? Imagine their teachers' face when they write a book report on this one: Signed copy The ABCs of Guns View:
  8. WOT at LSA 10/20 - a few spots left

    fyi we still have a few spots left in our Women-on-Target Program at Leominster Sportsmen's, in case your moms/daughters/aunts/wives/girlfriends are interested ... note - probably not a good idea to sign up your wives and girlfriends in the same WOT session ;)
  9. Shotgun toe-resters...ouch!

    A big owie!! worse than Garand Thumb & scope-bite: Trap Shooters: Stop Resting Your Barrel On Your Foot! [NSFW Image] - The Truth About Guns
  10. Ruger Mark IV recall

    fyi - did you guys see this? recall on Ruger Mark IV's: "HOW TO DETERMINE IF YOUR PISTOL NEEDS THE RETROFIT All Mark IV™ pistols produced prior to June 1, 2017 are potentially affected and therefore are being recalled...
  11. If you need another reason ...

    If you need another reason to never, ever give up your Right to Keep & Bear Arms to Deep-State Ideologues: You hardly ever hear about that genocide - (they were passing out these flyers at the NH Jamboree)
  12. nice article in Sunday paper

    A very nice article by Big Al in Sunday's Lowell Sun & Fitchburg/Leominster Sentinel & Enterprise: Should Mass. be model for national gun-law reforms?
  13. loading M72 match ammo equivalent article

    Might come in handy - article on reloading your own M72 30-06 Match ammo equivalent: Tips On How To Duplicate 1950s-Era .30-06 M72 Match Load
  14. Winter Rifle Matches Sunday mornings at LSA

    Leominster Sportsmen's Association will be holding their Winter Rifle Matches on Sunday mornings 9-11am, from December through the end of March. It's any rifle/any sights or scope, 20 shots in 20 minutes standing at 100 yards, in our nice, heated range house, costs $5. Grab your favorite rifle...
  15. Minuteman Pursuit Scout Trail next Patriot's Day - save the date 4/19/18

    If you're a Hoo-hah Scout Troop/Appleseed- type guy, here's an opportunity for your lads to combine Heritage & Hiking: The Minuteman Pursuit Historic Trail next April 19th - a 20 Miler from Concord to Boston {it's downhill all the way (overall) & they stop for lunch at Menotomy Grill for a...
  16. Right to a Speedy Trial?

    Maybe if Maura spent more time doing her job than violating our Civil Rights, these guys could get justice... Sounds like a "the dog ate my homework" excuse from the "criminal justice" system?
  17. D-Day "Rattle Battle" Rifle & Pistol Plate match in Leominster!

    It's that time again!! Come on down!!! Leominster Sportsmen's Club - D-Day "Rattle Battle" Rifle & Pistol Plate matches Saturday June 2nd starting 9am, cost $10. Bring your buddies, your favorite rifle, sling, extra clips/mags & 50-100 rounds, and your pistol or revolver & 50 rounds (more if...
  18. tonight on Dan Rea - fired pro-NRA journalist

    Stacy Washington Joins NightSide! Stacy is a conservative writer and radio host based in Missouri. Her most recent column at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, a pro-NRA piece, caused her suspension. Editorial page editor Tod Robberson publicly stated that her affiliation with the NRA was an...
  19. save the date - "Commonwealth Conversations" - there's 1 near you

    coming soon near you - forums to tell the state senate what you think:
  20. 22 target pistols - Buckmark/Victory/Ruger?

    Oh mighty Marksmen! Does anybody have one of the Browning Buckmarks? S&W Victorys? How are they compared to the Ruger Mark II/III/IV for an inexpensive indoor target gun?
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