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  1. Oath Keepers shut down!!

    My expletive is not directed at you. It was meant to communicate my being vexed that another conservative website had been "cancelled" by the cancel culture.
  2. Oath Keepers shut down!!

    Shut down means f***ing shut down. The sights host revoked its services. This news is 3 days old.
  3. New Acquisitions January 2021 - Firearms only and Happy New Gear!

    Did some horse trading for a new model blackhawk 357. Sn puts it as 1974 manufacture. 32-06xxx so first year new model blackhawk. Excellent shape. Tiny tiny spot of rust in the bore near the muzzle. Shouldn't hurt accuracy. Externally not a speck of rust and no holster wear or handling marks...
  4. Can I shoot Trap with this?

    Cpfg many years ago.
  5. Safety Question-

    Ah stolen material. 🤣
  6. Safety Question-

    That was someone's avatar for a long time.
  7. Can I shoot Trap with this?

    I've used mod choke on the trap field from 16 yard line and hit 25.
  8. Remington making a come back 1/14/2021

    They have a huge up hill climb after the 700 recall......the shit quality 870s......and the disaster of the r51. Their reputation is in the shitter but who knows......lots of new gun owners out there that will buy just about whatever they can find and don't know any better at this point so...
  9. Can I shoot Trap with this?

    You surely can. Used to go to a club on Tuesday nights to shoot trap yeas ago and a guy showed up with an ak pattern 12G. He broke one......out of 75. 😂
  10. First Coyote Hunt

    Good luck
  11. No Ragrets! The ‘out yourself’ panic buy 2020/2021 picture/self shaming thread

    Kind of hard to stock up on gasoline eh? Spoken like a guy that 1. Maybe doesn't shoot alot 2. Got caught without a stockpile and is currently paying crazy money for ammo.
  12. 2020/21 Upland Season

    My experience with hunting them without dogs is they flush and run when you are almost on top of them. Can't even see em till they bolt.....they are good at hiding.
  13. No Ragrets! The ‘out yourself’ panic buy 2020/2021 picture/self shaming thread

    Yeah even hunting bird shot is thin on the shelves here in mass. I always prided myself on having a good Blackstock of hunting loads.....would have already replenished the stock by now but its hard to find. Like I said I'm good for the season ans the start of next season......just shocked me to...
  14. No Ragrets! The ‘out yourself’ panic buy 2020/2021 picture/self shaming thread

    I'm just here to look 🤣 The last gun I bought was a year ago and only because it was a mis marked used new model A5 that I couldn't pass up. Before that was my retirement 1911 in oct of 2018. I don't buy and sell like some.gun owners I'm quite happy with what I have. Ammo....bought some...
  15. 2020/21 Upland Season

    New Hampshire. 😁
  16. Veterans group members in Capitol riot to be purged from organizations

    This. Their executives are crazy high pay scale. They also refused to do business with Smith and Wesson cuz guns. S and w wanted to put the ww logo on pistols and donate the profits of the special edition guns with the logo and ww refused......Basically said guns equals bad. A few years ago...
  17. Veterans group members in Capitol riot to be purged from organizations

    Neither did I when I got out. I went to one meeting at the local was a bunch of bitter Vietnam vets bitching and moaning about how they got f***ed.....and most of them were drunk off their asses. I'm sure not all vfw are like this but that was my experience and I never went to...
  18. So much for the IA

    I was 17 as well. Although my parents were willing to sign my enlistment papers they didn't fight it. Thanks for your service!
  19. So much for the IA

    Good luck with that. My boy considered the military to follow on my footsteps. He chose not to and im actually proud of him for making his own decision. He's got a plan......way different from mine when I was his age......but if the plan provides financial security......and he's productive and...
  20. So much for the IA

    I served under 5 commanders in chief. 2 dems and 3 Republicans. I never worried about what political party the CIC was from.......I just served.....multiple combat tours.....risked my life for what some consider "questionable" reasons even here on NES....that came about because of Bush...
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