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  1. NH vist

    It's probably has been asked more times than anyone can count. My girlfriend and myself are up in Conway for the weekend. Any good gun shops for prebans, ammo, maybe even a firearm?
  2. AR10

    Out of frustration more than curiosity. How much would I be looking at for a ar10? I am definitely willing to start putting money aside, but I want to know how much to do so, here in the great state of MA... Any options out there?
  3. Kel tec ksg

    Anyone see any for sale??? Around the Taunton, Wareham area? I want one so bad, but every shop seems out, I don't feel like traveling far. Also, each shop has it's own price. I am hoping to find one around $750. Any shop suggestions.
  4. NH resident purchasing a gun in Massachusetts

    I can't remember how it goes. How can a New Hampshire resident purchase a shotgun in Massachusetts? Personal transfers?
  5. Active Shooter in Las Vegas

    Just came out, dude had an "m60"
  6. Say hello to my little friend

    To much??
  7. Say hello to my little friend

    Friends, but can she, those shoot.. what is going on.
  8. Say hello to my little friend

    Scareface vs aliens
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