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  1. ATF Agent Gets Arrested, Video from Officer Cams

    Adrenaline is a helluva drug
  2. Precision 22LR Match- January 9th- Reading MA

    Thank you for setting this up Alex
  3. Precision reloading for a specific gun (COAL)

    Recently some good info was revealed by Mark Gordon. Worth checking out. I guess it all depends on what type of shooting you do.
  4. It is Bob Seger time!

    Love me some Bob Seger View:
  5. The Army's new Sniper Rifle (MK22 ASR) with Retired Special Forces Sniper Kevin Owens

    Good glass, up therein quality with $1500 scopes I have an EP-4 Not bad for the money Pretty stiff zoom though And reticle is not thick enough for my old eyes but I still use it and like it.
  6. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    I spray alcohol I lay them out on a towel and spray alcohol on them then fold towel over and wipe, easy. No dust no tumbling
  7. Vaccine Poll

    It is against my religion.
  8. ATF Seizing P80 Kits

    So now they are confiscating paper weights? The guy should have shut the door on them.
  9. WTT 8 lbs of H4350 for 8 lbs of Varget

    Nevermind, found some Want to trade 8 pounds of H4350 for 8 pounds of Varget. Located in Middleboro MA, willing to meet at reasonable distance anyone? thanks All set Thank you NES!
  10. 6.5 Creedmoor precision rifle choices?

    GA Precision has a similar model as the MPA but I think with better components. If I was starting out with what I know now I would seriously consider it. But once cry one.
  11. 50 BMG hunting deer

    Did Rocky the squirrel survive?
  12. What calibers have I been sleeping on?

    semi - 6ARC bolt - 6 Dasher because you can push a high BC bullet out to 1200 no problem and it will be accurate from 100 to well over a half mile, very little recoil so spotting misses is way easier. Pistol - 10 mm
  13. Ruger Precision Rifle V/S Tikka T3X TACT A1

    Tikka over the ruger I'm not sure what you will do with it, but another option is the tikka CTR for under 1000 put it in a KRG Bravo, now you will be able to change the scope rail for a 20 moa rail, I'm pretty sure the Tac A1 has a fixed rail so you'd have to use canted rings to go out further...
  14. Called out for not wearing a mask

    "and the baby boomers (lots of them) are gonna crush the system. " No the Government representatives who pilfered the system and mismanaged the ponzi scheme are the ones who crushed the system. I will not be crushing the system and if there is no SS retirement in 10 years for me, I will not be...
  15. Called out for not wearing a mask

    excuse me for butting in here but where did you get the idea social security is socialism? Are you believing propaganda? I have news for you social security retirement fund is not z as n entitlement, it is our money that we were forced to contribute to by the government ponzi scheme and along...
  16. Practice for my first PRS Match - Update - Match Results!

    Sounds like you had a great day, good job. I think you were well prepared and once you get a first focal scope with a zero stop, you will be good. A pump pillow helps at times for sure but borrow some at a match to try out different ones, we all usually share stuff. Congratulations on a fine...
  17. Franklin Arsenal Wet Tumbler ?

    I have heard of this soot providing a barrier and some lube before but I am not convinced enough of it is left after cob tumbling and brushing the necks before seating. I anneal my PRS match brass before every resizing/loading and I feel that helps more with neck tension then left over soot...
  18. Called out for not wearing a mask

    I think from now on if I am called out by the COVID-1984 mask police, I am just going to reply that I am in fact wearing one, it is a see through mask. prove me wrong pissant
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